Monday, November 1


Is it really November already?! I knew it was coming, but still....I can't believe this is already going to be Emma's second Christmas! I can tell she's grown so much though. She says so much! The other day, Tomio had to leave for work early, and I was getting his breakfast ready. Since it was early, all the big kids were still in bed and Emma was in the kitchen with me. Now normally when I finish cooking and call the kids to eat, Emma will yell out "READY!". So when I was finished getting Tomio's breakfast ready, she said "ready!! CUTIE(that's was she calls Levi)!! Oh...Cutie nai-nais."(which is what she says for sleeping)It was sooooo cute! She actually said "Oh" and you could tell she was thinking and connecting it all in her head. I love it :) And whenever she wants you to giver her something, she'll say "please" and hold out her hand. Secretly I wish I could stop her from getting bigger *sniff*, but since I can't, I'm at least trying to enjoy all these wonderful little moments :)
Sorry, today was just one of those Mondays. You know, just not really any extra time for all that fun stuff, so I don't have any cards to share today. Hopefully tomorrow:) Our "Fall Party" that we do instead of Halloween is this Wednesday, so I'll be sure get some pictures of everyone in their costumes :) Thanks for stopping by!! Is your week starting off well? I hope so :)

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