Thursday, September 30


Just a simple card I have to share today. This is one of those cards I make up when I want to make something, but nothing seems to be working. So I just took out some cardstock and some stampes, and started stamping...I used some of my faves of course--text background stamps and kraft cardstock ;)
I did the white embossed leaves before I stamped the background in versamark so the embossing powder wouldn't stick to the background too :) I heat embossed the sentiment too. Anyway, like I said--really simple.  Oh, all these stamps and carsdstock are from Papertrey Ink.
Ok, I'm off to TRY to go to bed. Tomio has been SO busy at work lately that he has been leaving BY 6. Which means I've been up at that time too... I couldn't stay up late when I was younger, much less now that I'm....well, you know :) Hope you have a restful day!!! Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, September 29


Miss Emma has been saying so much more lately. And she has been working on calling each of us by name too. Daddy was of course one of the first words she actually said :) She's been calling me Mama, and Rhys was the first of her siblings' names she picked up on. Levi she decided to call "Cutie", since that is what we call him at least half of the time :) She'll even point to each of their clothes in the laundry and say "Rhys" or "Cutie" accordingly, and get it right. But, she never seemed to have a name for Leah. Even though she likes Leah and would go to her if you told her to"go see Leah". When Rhys was little, he called Leah "Ya-ya". When Levi was little he called her "Ee-a". But Emma, nothing. That is, until a few days ago.At first I wasn't sure if Emma was talking about Leah or not, but by the 3rd or 4th time she said it, I was sure. Emma has decided that Leah is...Blah. Yes, Blah. Leah was kind of bummed that Emma didn't have a name for her, but I don't think she's sure Blah is any better :) I think it is though: ) heehee :)
as I uploaded this picture to my blog Emma kept pointing and saying "Blah!Blah! " :)

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you're having a LOVELY day :)

Tuesday, September 28

Embellish magazine challenge :)

I wasn't too late this time :) I usually end up discovering the newest challenge when it's already too late for me to start making a card....but not this time :) I don't usually make cards with just these colors, but I LOVE yellow and gray, so I was happy to try them : )
I was also really wanting to try coloring these pretty butterflies( from Papertrey Ink) with my copics. I LOVE how they turned out! And they were really esimple to color too. The background stamp is from Cornish Heritage Farms. I love my Papertrey Ink text backgrounds ALOT, but sometimes it's nice to be able to stamp the whole background at one time. The pattern paper, ribbon and sentiment are from Papertrey too. I just hand cut the tag and attached it with some twine.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Miss Emma is finally napping, so I'm off to get some housework done:)

Monday, September 27


I had no idea it had been a whole week since I last posted! So sorry!! I'm not even sure what I was doing last week that kept me busy :( I don't like it when that happens though.  I've thinking to myself for the past couple months that I really need to officially make a prioritized list of what I really and need to get done. Am I the only one that needs this? You'd think if it really was important you wouldn't need to....sigh. Now that I've actually voiced(typed?) it though, I think I'm obligated to actually act upon it...right? I have accomplished one of the things that I've really been wanting to though :) Leah likes veggies and eats them just fine all the time. My boys on the other hand though, will avoid them as much as possible. So, one of the things I wanted to work on was serving veggies each meal that hopefully would be easier for them to eat. Nothing major  or anything, we eats lots of veggies sticks with dip an cabbage salads. But that actually liked them.I couldn't believe my ears when they said that they weren't enough veggies to eat(!) I also got them to see that lettuce on sandwiches really IS yummy :) I  can tell that we HAVE actually been eating more veggies because what normally would have lasted a week, didn't. Might not seem like that big of a deal, but it was to me :)

Anyway, that's the goings-on around here :) I'll be back tomorrow with a new card. Today I'll share some pictures of my cuties from the park: ) This is Rhys...just being silly :)
Here is Miss Emma getting used to park :)
Leah showing how much she enjoys climbing trees.
And Levi's excitement at actually having been able to hang from the monkey bars :)
Thanks SO much for stopping by!! I hope your week is starting off great!

Monday, September 20

happy days

Another week........ :) Leah has a golf test this week. They are supposed to play a full round on a course and if they get a certain score or better, then they can move up a level in class. Tomio said that the class she is in now is really too easy for her, she should have no problem moving up at all. I think she is excited and nervous at the same time. At least it has cooled down considerably so she won't be roasting :)

I did another card with my cute car die and Enjoy the Ride stamp set from Papertrey. LOVE this set :)
A simple card :) I stamped my favorite text background on the kraft label die, and inked the edges. I also used buttons for the headlights on the car :) so fun :) Finished it off with some machine stitching around the edges and a button threaded with twine :) I love how you can change what the license plate says depending on what type of card you are making. I think this is my favorite one of all :)

Thanks for stopping in :) Hope you are having a "happy day" :)

Saturday, September 18

park play and a card

We made it to the park 3 times this week. It was so nice to just be able to get out of the house for a bit. Miss Emma was a little wary of the grass and park area at first.But after I went with her  a few times and showed her how fun they were, she really got into them :) By the third time we went, she was trying to run off to the play area as soon as we got there :) We have our own "spot" as we call it, that we always go to. We lay out our blanket, sit, eat, and relax. Well, really we don't relax-ha! They like to run wild. There is a tree they like to climb right by our "spot" too. Leah has mastered it quite well, but the boys are still working it. Rhys can get up with a little help, but his goal is to make it by himself heehee :) I hope the nice weather keeps up so we can keep going all fall :)
Here's a kind of different card for me. I think I like it though. I could easily change the sentiment for another occasion if I wanted. I stamped the text on white cardstock with Old Paper distress ink. Then I inked over it before I cut it into the 1 inch squares. The polka dot paper is from Fancy Pants. I just went through my button stash looking for ones that I thought went well. I tried actually stitching down some of the buttons since I had heard it was sturdy and simple...but its not for me lol. I actually had harder time getting it to look nice. My current favorite way to adhere buttons is with glue dots.

Thanks for dropping by! I hope you are enjoying your weekend :) I've been working on a layout, so I've been enjoying mine :)

Wednesday, September 15


One of the first few words Emma learned was "book". Well, actually she says "gook", which is some much cuter anyway :) So now, she will come over to my shelf where I have all my albums, point and say "gook! gook!" Then she will sit and look at all the pages, saying all the names of people she knows. Or saying "bath" if they are taking a bath :) hee :) I love it that she like to look at them. Its so cute. of course, with two older brothers, 3 of the other things she says are toot, butt and batman...but what can you do right?

Just another simple quickie card today. More playing. I wanted to use my new heart stamps with matching punches. I stitched over the line of hearts once with my machine. In hindsight, I think maybe stitching back and forth a few times would have been better...:)

Anyway, thanks a BUNCH for popping in :) After this awful heat this summer, we finally made it to the park twice this week since it cooled off some. So nice for the boys to get out some of their extra engergy :) Now we are all tired so hopefully everyone will go to bed early :) maybe...

Saturday, September 11

LOTS of pictures...

I finally got some of our pictures from our *FUN* anniversary trip to Izu off the camera ( I know, I'm really bad about that. seems to take me forever...) so I thought I would share some :)
They had an amusement park  on the way that we stopped in. It was HOT, but fun :) Because it was so hot, they actually had this huge hill of manmade snow for everyone to play in :)
The most popular thing to do was to either throw it at each other or put it down their backs...
It really did cool us off though, which I thought would be impossible. After that, Tomio rode rollcoasters with the big two, while I took Emma and Levi on some kiddy- rides.
I wasn't really able to get pictures of the biggies on their rides. They loved it though. Leah LOVES roller coasters, and Rhys was happy that he was big enough to ride more this now.
Here is the view of the sunrise from our hotel window:
It was so beautiful. We stayed in a different hotel this time. It was nice, we had an oceanview room. And there was a pool there too. Emma was a little scared of the ocean, but she loved playing in the pool.
This last one is of Miss Emma on the mountain on our way back home.
I realize there are no ocean or pool pictures. Well, that is because I took those on our small camera since I didn't take my nice one near the water. But, I haven't put those on the computer yet... so maybe next time :)
We all had a great time :) Everyone was a good kind of tired when we got home :)

Thanks for stopping by!!! Hope you have a fun weekend.

Wednesday, September 8

too little for coke...

It was really nice to wake up and not feel like I couldn't move this morning :) Definitely appreciating just feeling normal....:)

So, should I be more than a little concerned that one of the 20 or so words in my 1 year old's vocabulary is "coke"?...When I first heard her say it, I thought it must just be her trying to say something else. But no, she definitely means coke. ( I guess its better than "Mama's juice", which is what Leah used to call coke when she was that age..:) ) and no Miss Emma hasn't gotten any coke for herself yet, in case you were worried--heehee :)
One of my goals is to get more of my layouts on my blog. I just seem to have alot harder time actually taking the photos and uploading them. But I really do hope to!! Since it is still a goal though, that I haven't reached yet, I have a  very simple card to share. Just one of those when I wanted to play with some new stuff :)
Since I absolutely loved how my pattern papers  made turned out with my distress inks, I  wanted to see if I liked how they turened out just as well with other inks and no blending tool. I do like it, but I do think it is easier with the ink blending tool. I used my new Papertrey Mat Stack 1 die--I LOVE its shape. I also added some glossy accents to the flower centers just for fun:)
Anyway, I 'm so glad you stopped by :) Miss Emma had another rough night last night, so hopefully we can have a restful afternoon.

Tuesday, September 7

really quick post...

Miss Emma and I have both been VERY under the weather the past couple of days. I think she is finally feeling a little better. But we are still taking it easy for another day or so. I thought I would check in really quick and share a card for now :)
I really like all the stamps I used on this card. The wood grain background is from Papertrey, well actually all of them are :) I especially like how the wood grain looks on the kraft cardstock. I used copics to color in the images just a little. I also sponged on some light blue ink too just add a little more depth. Lastly I added some hand stitching around each circle. I like how "finished" the stitching makes it look.

Anyway, thanks a BUNCH for stopping by! I'm still not myself, so I'm off to bed. Luckily Tomio came home early to help out:) Hope you're week is going well!!

Saturday, September 4

Hello :)

Well, I had actually intended to post one more time before we went on our trip, but it just didn't work out. We did have LOTS of fun though. Our weekend was full of roller coaster rides, beaches, pools, shoppping, playing and eating :) That's about all of it, except for the sunburn... The kids are all fine, just nice and tan. Me, I ended up with sun burn just about everywhere but my face. I DID coat myself with sunscreen. REALLY. More than once. I guess I just needed to coat my whole body at least 5 times like I did my face... But we still did have tons of fun :) Definitely glad we went.

Here is a card for today. In person, I  LOVE this card. Really simple and pretty. I don't think it is the kind that really shows up as well in a photo though. :( I think you can still get the idea though :)  I stamped the leaf image in versamark inkd and embossed with clear embossing powder. I stamped the text on some more grey cardstock with black ink before punching out the butterflies. I punched some more butterflies in the Hawaiian Shores and layered them just to have a bit peek out from behind the grey ones. I finished them off with some pearls.
I liked the grey with just a splash of color :) All these stamps and cardstock are from Papertrey Ink.

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you had as fun a weekend as I did! (just with maybe a little less sun....)