Sunday, November 21

too busy

I'm usually not too "busy" outside of the house. We stay home and get school done, and I get the housework done, and I get some crafting done :) But I feel like I've been too busy these last few days. Lots of getting out and staying "busy".  I hope this coming week will be more my normal kind. All day Saturday the kids had their "sports day". This time Daddy got to come, so he was able to participate in the "Family relay".  Which is much better than Mama trying to run while holding Miss Emma :)  We went to the dentist too. We had braces related questions about all three of the big kids that we asked our old dentist, but we wanted a second opinion for all of  them. I'm so glad we tried the new dentist near our house now.  Just liked him better overall, and he gave us some solutions. It look likes Rhys will need some partial braces for a little while. I'm so happy though, just that I know his teeth will get straightened out :) Leah will probably need them too, but not yet.

Today's card is a little different. I wanted to make a "sewing" card, but I don't really have any sewing themed stamps or diecuts. So I kind of challenged myself to come up with one anyway :) And this is what I made:
I cut the pin cushion shape out of PTI felt and stitched a cute swirly pattern. I wrote the "Sew" and then stitched over it. I used stickers from Echo Park, the pattern papers are from the same pack. (I've decided I LOVE Echo Park papers, btw :)) I stuck some real pins and a needle in the pin cushion too. I think it turned out pretty cute :) And it was fun trying to figure out how to make it when I didn't have the actual stamps. I think I might try to do that again sometime. It's good to stretch yourself sometimes (I'm usually one to avoid stretching when possible though...)
 Thanks for stopping by! Are you ready for a new week to start yet? I'm not :) 

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