Thursday, December 27

Still Christmas here :)

Since we moved 1,200 miles away this October, it was our first Christmas just "us". I was a little nervous about preparing all the stuffing, ham and everything else just by myself. But it turned out really well :) yay:)

My kids and their cousins were disappointed not to get to see each other at Christmas, so my parents and my sister's family all drove down here yesterday(!) 16 hour drive(!) The kids have already been having a ball. Pretty sure the next 10 days are going to be a blur~lol.  We'll be having a second Christmas on the 29th with all the cousins. So, while I normally take down our decorations before Tomio's winter break starts, but this year it looks like they will stay up till some time in January...'s today's card.

I really like how this one turned out. I stamped them each without re-inking to get the shadowing images. I like how it adds depth.

Okay--that's it for me today. I'm going to be pretty busy today :)
Thanks so much for stopping by!

Tuesday, December 18

Getting closer....

Only one week till Christmas :) And I am even managing to get done all the last minute things on my list before Christmas~yay!

So....I like this card. I love clean and simple, but sometimes I wonder if a card is *too* clean and simple. And I'm not sure about this one. But I *think* I like it~lol.

Thanks for stopping by today!! I hope you are enjoying the Christmas season!

Friday, December 14

10 days!

Only 10 days till Christmas! Every night when we go to sleep and every morning when we get up, Levi always lets me know how many days left till Christmas :) So I'm thinking it is definitely time to be sharing Christmas cards and tags.

So here's one.
Only a tiny bit of stamping on this one. I opted to use some non-traditional Christmas colors for this one. I popped up the snowmen for a little dimension. The sentiment is from Waltzingmouse.

Thanks for stopping by today! I am so happy the weekend is here :)

Wednesday, December 12

I can't believe...

that it is less than 2 weeks till Christmas!! December always goes by really fast, but I am sure this is the fastest it has ever been. We don't even have all our presents under the tree yet! (though you wouldn't know it to look at it :))

And here's the card. I did some clear heat embossing on the white. I really like the subtle detail it adds. Definitely will be trying it again. I also want to do it again and ink over it with distress ink for some emboss resist :) All stamps from Papertrey, the cardstock is Neenah solar white and Neenah desert storm.

Thanks for stopping by today!! I hope your week is going great. Tomio gets back a day early this week~yay :)

Friday, December 7

I spoke too soon.

Okay, *now* it's cold! So thankful for our heaters. And our timers so  I can them come on in the morning before we get up. Now we just need to get a little heater for our bath/shower room. That's on the agenda for this weekend.

And here's a card. I layered a few different stamps on the side. I love doing that on simple cards.
The butterflies are from Hero Arts, all the others are from Papertrey Ink.

Thanks for stopping by today! I'm so happy it's the weekend :)

Tuesday, December 4


It is really getting cold here. And it is sooo dark in the mornings, it really makes it hard to get up even a little bit early. I do still try to though!
I haven't been making as many cards in my stamping room lately. It's been all about tags :) I *love* making Christmas tags. Love. They are so quick and fun. And my kids really like them and get excited seeing which ones they will get. And I get to make "cutesy" tags. I don't really have many people to make cutesy cards for, so I really like making fun tags for my kids. Unfortunately, I am terrible about getting pictures of the it's card for today :)

Pretty happy with how this one turned out. Actually, to honest, I love it :) So simple, but really doesn't need anything more. And it turned out just like I imagined. Had lots of fun making this one. The stamps are from Papertrey Ink, and the cardstock is Neenah solar white.

Thanks for stopping by today!! I hope you're keeping warm :)

Thursday, November 29


This week was shorter than most. Most weeks since we have moved here, Tomio has had to fly back to Saitama each Tuesday and come back Friday night. Last week, he didn't even get to come back home till Sunday morning :( But this week, he left on Tuesday and comes back tonight, Thursday. And he gets tomorrow off :) Yay for a shorter work week, if only for a short time. And since Daddy will be home from work, that means no school tomorrow either. Which is a break for me :)

Anyway, I *finally* took some pictures of some of the cards I made recently.

This is one of them. And it's a Christmas card at that :) Used some new-to-me Papertrey stamps on   it. I really like these snowflakes. And I also really like the look of the music stamped in kraft ink and aged with the old paper distress ink.

Thanks SO much for stopping by today!! I hope you are having a wonderful week. I am definitely looking forward to our long weekend :)

Friday, November 23

It's party time.

 well, not really. But how about a party layout.

This layout is of Leah. My goodness, they all look SO little!! It's hard to believe how much they have changed in 3 years(!) *sniff,sniff* Lots of Fancy Pants stuff on this layout. And some stamps,  I love using stamps on my layouts when I can.

Thanks so much for stopping by today!! I'm really looking forward to taking it easy today :) stamping, scrapping and maybe some online shopping. fun :)

Thursday, November 22

Time for Christmas :)

We got all our Christmas decorations up last week :) It was actually a little late for us, but with the move and all, there was no helping it. I love Christmas time though! So fun seeing all the decorations everywhere when you get up in the morning. We already actually have a few presents under the tree too.
Anyway, it seemed like time to share some Christmas cards too.

A simple one today. (Surprised? lol) I like adding just a little something, like the string. I also really like embossing on white.

Thanks for stopping by today!! I hope you are having a great week and wonderful Thanksgiving :)

Saturday, November 17

a layout for today.

I was going to post a card over the past couple of days, but I had an issue with my computer recognizing my pictures or something *~* Anyway, I opted to post a layout that was already on my  laptop from before.

Just some cute pictures I had of Miss  Emma from early before she was even one. Goodness, I can't believe she is already 3!!!

Are you ready for the weekend? I sure am :) If all goes well, we'll make it to a new church in this area, buy a little heater for my new crafting room, and get our Christmas decorations up.

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Monday, November 12


We went to the dentist today. I say "we", but Miss Emma was the one with an appointment. She had a nasty cavity :(, but she really did a great job. The dentist said most kids her age are too hysterical upset once they get a Novocaine shot that they can't even finish... Miss Emma did shed some tears, but she sat still and let the dentist finish.

So here is a picture of my little trouper :) I love that  impish little smile, it is so "Emma" lol.

I do have a card too :)

I really like how this one turned out. I *love* this stamp set--Larger than Life from Papertrey Ink. One of my absolute all time faves. The sentiment is from Wplus9.

Thanks so much for stopping by!! Has your week started off well? Mine is actually going better than expected :)

Wednesday, November 7

So soon?

I know! Can you believe I am posting another card already? heehee :) Since I have managed to get some stamping time for most days this past week, maybe it is a sign of things to come?

I like this card :) These stamps are really fun to use. I like finding different ways to line up the vases :) All the stamps are from Papertrey Ink. The cardstock is Neenah Solar white.

Thanks SO much for stopping! I hope you have a great day.  I'm hoping to get to bed early tonight :)

Monday, November 5

and another card.

I have another older card. I really liked how it turned out, so I actually sent it in to a couple of magazines. They never seemed to like it though, so I thought I would share it here :)

I like how the wood grain and red just pop on the white :) Really clean and simple. The stamps are from Papertrey Ink.

Still getting adjusted here. Things seem to be getting a little more "normal" everyday. Thanks SO much for stopping by today! I hope you have a great day!!

Wednesday, October 31


I know it has been longer than forever this time...sorry. It really has just seemed to take awhile to adjust. I am finally seeming to be able to work some stamping time into our schedule. And it makes me happy :) I haven't gotten a chance to actually photograph anything I have made the past couple of days yet though, so the card for today is pretty old. Maybe beginning of this year? I wasn't sure how I felt about it, so I never posted it. But here it is anyway :)

It's ok, just not what I was imagining when I was making it. The flower and the sentiment are from Gina K.

Thanks so much for stopping by--really! I hope you are having a wonderful week :)

Wednesday, October 17

Hello :)

I am still here. Well, actually not really, lol. We finished moving, and I am now living in Kyushu. (One of the smaller islands at the "bottom" of Japan). I have moved a lot--but this one was tougher. It had been a long time since I moved somewhere you couldn't just drive to. We've been here a week now, and are finally getting settled.

This is a card from several weeks ago. My stamping stuff is all unpacked and set up, so I hope to make some new things soon though :)

Thanks SO much for stopping by!! I'm really hoping to be able to post more regularly now. At least it shouldn't be another 2 weeks anyway :)

Tuesday, October 2

it's starting...

to look a little bit more like we are moving. But definitely not like we are moving in a week(!) I finally think I have phone company and internet "stuff" dealt with for our new place though, so that is a relief.

Anyway, here is a card for today.

And it is actually one I made just this week :) It was really fun to get back into stamping again. I stamped the butterflies on the base, and then again on white and colored them in and trimmed them out. It made the colors pop a lot more and added dimension.

Thanks SO much for stopping by today. I'm afraid my posting will still be sporadic for a while...but a least we SHOULD have internet all set up when we move :)

Wednesday, September 26

Not a...

new card again. This is actually one from a long time ago. But while I have actually made a couple of cards :),  I still haven't photographed them yet :(

I *almost* really like this I do like the colors. It just didn't turn out quite like I was picturing... I kept it anyway though. Butterflies are from PTI, the sentiment is from Verve.

Thanks for stopping by today!! It is officially 2 weeks till we move today. You wouldn't think it to look at our house though....:)

Thursday, September 20

I don't really do

spooky Halloween cards or anything. We don't actually even celebrate Halloween at our house. Although we do have a fun "fall party" as our version where we dress up in costumes :) But, I made this card for a magazine call once, but it didn't get picked up.

I thought it turned out pretty cute though :) Surprisingly, no stamping all on this card. Die cuts for the letters, and I just free hand cut the ghost.

And that's it for me. I finally did have a little time to stamp today, though :) yay! But nothing is quite finished yet. Thanks SO much for stopping by!!

Tuesday, September 18

so, I'm fairly sure...

that I have never posted this card before. But I apologize ahead of time if I have! Tomio has been getting home between 10 and 11, and then leaving at 6am :( It doesn't add up to much sleep. While I *know* he is more tired than I am, my brain is definitely still foggy...
Anyway, the card:

I just loved how this card turned out. It was one of those that everything came together just like I wanted :) All stamps one here happen to be Papertrey Ink.

Thanks SO much for stopping by! I hope you have a wonderful day :)

Thursday, September 13

poor, neglected...

 blog :( I feel bad, because I actually really do enjoy posting on my blog. That's why I started in the  first place. But with our up coming move, I really just haven't had the time or even the "umph" I needed to get posting. So, for those sweet followers of mine, I am sorry. I hope to post more, but in all honesty, it will most likely be a little slower for the next month or so.

I do have great news for me though :) I got my Japanese driver's license today!! It was a big ordeal and I had to work hard, but it paid off :) Now I can drive the super cute Nissan Cube that Tomio got me for our anniversary. Once we move to Kyushu, I will pretty much *have* to be able to drive, so that is why I did it. So happy about it :)

Not a new card, but another pub from Paper Crafts. It was in the same magazine as the last one I shared.

I really liked this one too, so I was just thrilled when they chose this one and the other one.

Thanks for stopping by today!! I hope you have a SUPER day!!

Thursday, September 6

so much...

going on!! Goodness...Most of it is really good stuff, so I'm not really complaining :) Just keeps me busy.  I don't think I've stamped in a week :( And for me, that is a really long time. I'm hoping to get some calm relaxing, stamping time in soon. But I have a month to get my house packed up.  We had LOTS of fun over the weekend though. Went to Disney Sea and Disneyland. We figure we aren't likely to make it back any time soon, so we made it extra fun and extra special :)

Anyway... since I didn't have anything new to share, I thought I'd share a card I had published in Paper Crafts' "Stamp It!" cards magazine.

This is a card that I really loved how it turned out. So it made my day when they chose it!! Nothing really fancy... some stamping and coloring. I just really liked it :) The flower and sentiment are from Gina K. The background is from Impression Obsession.

Thanks SO much for stopping by today. Sorry for the long break. I'm hoping packing won't keep me too busy the rest of the month.

Thursday, August 30

Happy Anniversary!

To my sweet hubby ♡ Thank you for 13 wonderful years together! We always like to include our kiddos in our anniversary celebrations, since they are such a big part of our lives. So, we are all going out to dinner tonight, and then on Monday we are all going to Disney Land. But, it is also nice to have to "alone time" :), so we are going on a date tomorrow too :) fun :)

Since I'm so thankful for my hubby, this card is for him. Pretty simple, great for a guy card, right? Kraft ink on kraft cardstock, with some chocolate brown letters.

Thanks SO much for stopping by today!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I know I will :) heehee.

Monday, August 27

well, it's official.

Tomio went and checked out our new house in Kumamoto on Sunday. Since we all couldn't go look at it, he got lots of really good pics and took a video :) It was SO nice to see what it will be like. It looks great, so he signed the contract. We'll be moving the first week of I really have to start getting things ready (!)

Here's a card for today.

Simple, yes :) I added some shading to the flower with my copics. I really like how it adds some depth, and that it is not very hard to do :)

Thanks for stopping by today!! I have quite a bit of packing to do....but I'm hoping to still get some stamping time in.

Thursday, August 23

really quick...

I've got a bunch of places to be today--doctors, dentist, police office, swimming...Quite a lot for someone who usually doesn't even get out of the house but once a week lol.
So I'll keep it short and sweet today :)

Here's the card. I really like these larger sentiments. But they don't fit on all cards. Layering them over a focal  image is one of my favorite ways to use them.

And that's it. I'm going to get my laundry out before we head out for the day.
Thanks SO much stopping by!!!

Monday, August 20

last day.

 Today was the last day of "summer break". Of course we are taking time off next week for our 13th wedding anniversary :) We will all go to Disneyland. It's kind of a tradition. But to be honest, I am looking forward to school starting again. I like teaching my kiddos :) And with our current curriculum, they actually love school too :)

Ok... here's today's card.

 I really like these colors. The pretty label die and stamp are from Wplus9. Yes, those are my favorite butterflies from Hero Arts again :)

Thanks for stopping by today!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!

Thursday, August 16

I did it :)

I am officially done potty training. Forever. I will be honest and say that I was sort of putting it off. All of my older 3 were trained before they were 3....But, 1) Emma is my last and I really don't want her to grow up :( and 2) as I have mentioned before, she is well, strong willed, to put it mildly. I am very happy to say, that it went very well and was probably the easiest of all. So yay :) That was my big project for summer break...

Anyway, I did make some cards still though, and here is one of them.

Really liking the clean and simple cards lately. I am also loving these bright colors, which before I really was never very into. I added a couple of woodgrain strips at the bottom for some interest.

And that's it for today. Thanks for stopping by today! We have a couple more days before Tomio goes back to work, so I'm planning one enjoying them. Or at least practice driving here so I can get my Japanese driver's license before we move out to Kyushu where I will need to drive.

Monday, August 13


It's raining here. I don't really mind, it cools things off and all. Except that it is raining for Leah and Tomio too. They are in Nagoya for the All Japan Golf Tournament. Leah was 7th in all of Kanto, so she made it :) But it is *pouring* there :( I hope they just reschedule for tomorrow instead.

I finally got some pictures of the cards I made lately.

My new favorite butterflies from Hero Arts again. I just can't stop using them! The sentiment is from Beautiful  Butterflies from Papertrey. I used Hero Arts layering paper for the base again. And...yeah, that's it :)

Thanks for stopping by today!!

Saturday, August 11

out to breakfast.

Since Tomio is finally on break now, we are all heading out to breakfast this morning :) And probably a little shopping afterwards~fun :)

And a quick card before we head out. Trying for a little more manly type of card. I love how stamping the pocket in blue really makes it look like jeans. Definitely stamp the stitching lines first, though. It makes it a lot easier to line up. I love these pocket stamps from Wplus9! And the matching dies :)

Okay--that's it for me today. Thanks so much stopping by!! I hope you have a super day!!

Thursday, August 9

last day...

Today was the last day of school for us :) Definitely going to enjoy some time off from school. I plan to spend most of my time packing though. We've got less than 8 weeks till we move, so I want to keep things moving along.

Here's the card for today. Another simple butterfly card. I couldn't help it :) I used my linen/canvas impression plate for just a little more interest. I was sure to stamp the sentiment first. I never like how it turns out when I try to stamp after adding the texture.

Thanks for stopping by today! We are off to swimming class. Hoping it's not *too* hot waiting for the bus today.

Tuesday, August 7

supposed to be

a little bit cooler today. I nice break considering the heat we've been having here.

Another simple butterfly card :) This is another Hero Arts butterfly. This one is actually a wood mounted stamp(!). Up until now, the only wood mounted stamps I had were my big background stamps. But I really like this and one other Hero Arts butterfly that was wood mounted, so I got them. Really glad I did--they are  so pretty :) I popped up the butterfly on foam squares. I debated awhile about adding a sentiment, but in the end I just went without.

Thanks for stopping by today!! Are you enjoying your summer break? Tomio's break from work starts this weekend. Yay :)

Monday, August 6

so far so good...

Today went pretty good for a Monday. Not too bad for a start of a new week. Even managed to get some stamping time in :)

Very simple for today's card. But I really like how it turned out. I used my new favorite butterflies with matching dies. They are from Hero Arts. So super easy to use! And yes, I used this sentiment again. Really, it just goes with any card.

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you have a great Monday :)

Saturday, August 4


for the week of no posts :( Don't really know how that happened. Hoping this week will be a little better.

I really love this cute mug stamp :) I don't drink coffee. Or any other hot drinks for that matter. But  I love coffee stamps, so  I get them anyway.  hehe :)I used the matching die for the cup, but the hearts don't have any, so  I just trimmed them out by hand.

Thanks for stopping by today!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. We went to see fireworks last night, and it's grocery shopping for today :)

Sunday, July 29

another thank you.

You can never have too many thank you cards on hand, so when I'm not sure which kind I want to make, that is usually what I go with

I used that gorgeous sentiment from Sweet and Sassy stamps again. It actually came in a masculine set, but  I find it goes with just about anything :) The flower is from a new-to-me set from Hero Arts. *LOVE* how it comes with matching dies that are super easy to use. The cardstock is mocha from Hero Arts too.

Thanks for stopping by today!! It's another scorcher today here. Planning to spend some time stamping instead of cleaning and organizing today. Yay :)

Wednesday, July 25

thank you.

Crisp and clean for today. I really like these flowers-they are super fun to color.

I actually have the dies that go with them, but I just trimmed them out by hand here. I actually end up doing that fairly often since you have to die cut first and then stamp with these. If I don't have the card all planned out yet, I often just color and then trim. The pretty sentiment is from Sweet and Sassy stamps. I just got my first order from them, and I am very happy :) Definitely will be ordering from them again.

Thanks for popping by today! I hope you have a super day! It is broiling hot here today, so I plan to stay inside :)

Tuesday, July 24

Hello you.

I absolutely love this sentiment! I say it all the times to my kiddos, so it just makes me smile :)

And these are still probably my all time favorite butterflies. Although I have made a few cards with some new  butterflies I got that are super fun too, just haven't had the chance to photograph them yet.  I layered stamps for this card, starting with the lightest color and finishing with the dark brown.

Thanks for stopping by today!! I did manage to go through some more stuff in my closets and kitchen and came up with several  more bags to git rid of :) So thankful for Leah's help! She is such a cheerful helper and really makes the going-through-things-to-get-ready-for-a-move-to-a-whole-'nother-island-process so much better:) I hope you have an awesome day!!

Monday, July 23

thinking of you.

A simpler card today. compared to the others I have been posting lately.

I love wood grain backgrounds. They make me happy :) After deciding on that, I just chose some flower stamps and some colors, and it was finished pretty quickly. I like adding the pearls to these flowers, I think it add just the right amount of "pop". Oh, this wood grain stamp is from Wplus9, btw :)

Thanks SO much stopping by! I hope you have a super day. After we get our studies done here today, I plan to tackle our walk-in closet again. I'm actually seeing progress :)

Sunday, July 22


I have a card using pattern paper today(!) I know.... I really do rarely use pattern paper on my cards. And it's not for lack of choices in my stash, heehee :). For some reason I really seem to have a hard time working it on to my cards.

But I liked this one--it was easy to just use as a background without feeling like it overwhelmed everything. I stamped the text first and then the pretty silhouette flowers from Unity on top. I added 2 bows with twine, just for fun. And then I added butterflies, because everything is better with butterflies.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you had a relaxing weekend. I went through some closets and got rid of 5 big trash bags worth of stuff. Definitely feels good to declutter :)

Thursday, July 19

in my thoughts...

I liked the sentiment on this card. Kind of fun different take on the "thinking of you" sentiment.

I tried making the newsprint background more prominent than I usually do. Usually I just do a tone on tone with it in the background. But I thought it was kind of fun to make it look more like an actual old newspaper. I colored in the flowers with copics.

Thanks for stopping by today!! So glad the weather has cooled off today :) Makes taking the bus and walking to swimming class so much easier :)

Hope you have a great day!!

Sunday, July 15

Hanging out...

I have layout today of Levi and Miss Emma. These pictures are from a while ago, but they still love to hang out together :)

Pretty simple layout. I hand stitched the title for something a little different. I also added some hand stitching to the butterfly that I die cut from felt. The pattern papers are from Fancy Pants, which is still my favorite company for pattern paper, although Echo Park is definitely a close second.

Ok, that's all for me today. Levi isn't feeling well today :( so I'm off to sit with him. Thanks for stopping by!!

Thursday, July 12

this card

Is actually from a quite awhile ago. I really liked it when I made it, but for some reason I didn't post it. So, now I will :)

I used some of my favorite Unity flowers and my go-to background stamp, Hero Arts Friendship Definition. This was the first card I ever tried stitching around in a circle, and I was pretty proud of how I did :) Finished off with a clear butterfly.

Thanks so much for stopping in today :) Hope your week is going well!!

Sunday, July 8


Considering the name of my blog, I don't think there are nearly enough cupcake cards. I do have a fair amount of cupcake stamps, though, so hopefully we can remedy that :)

This was a new set of cupcake stamps I got from There She Goes stamps. I was really just playing around with them, but they turned out so cute I made them into a card.The middle on is popped up on foam adhesive.  I even cut out the stem on the cherry too.

Okay--I'm off to try to catch up on everything after the weekend. Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you are staying cool :)

Friday, July 6


Tomio and Leah are gone all weekend. She as a 2 day golf tournament, so we won't see them till Sunday. So glad for cell phones though! I get to hear from them regularly and see how she's doing. They are staying in our camper and visiting Japanese hot springs each night to relax and bath :)

A quick card for me today. "Quick" for me never has to do with how detailed or layered it is, just how long it  took me to figure out where I was going with it lol.

This is my favorite polka dot stamp (and I've used my fair share). It's a wood mounted one from Inkadinkado. I tried several of thee clear background stamps in strips that you have to line up to stamp (like Papertrey's), but they were just too frustrating. I am *so* happy I got the full kinds instead.

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you have a relaxing weekend. I have plans to stamp :)

Wednesday, July 4

I'm pretty sure

I post too many cards using butterflies...but I guess that means I make too many cards using butterflies. To be honest though, lately I've given in to it, and decided that I just love butterfly stamps, and since I *will* use them, it's probably ok to buy a few more butterfly stamps. There are currently a couple more on their way to me right now :)

Anyway, here is today's butterfly card. This butterfly stamp is from Gina K.

Some more layered stamping on this card too. Sorry about the bad photo...didn't realize till now. I used Jenni Bowlin ink and Hero Arts layering paper. I'm kind of liking the somewhat thinner cardstock, as opposed to Papertrey's super thick lately....especially for layers.

And that's it. Thanks for stopping by today!! And Happy Fourth of July :)

Saturday, June 30

Beautiful Friend

I always like to find more butterfly stamps--especially with matching dies. But even if they don't have dies, I often end up cutting them out. I like how it adds some dimention.

That's what I did with these really pretty ones from Clear Dollar stamps and Gina K. The biggest one is from Gina K. I heat embossed the smaller one in white so I could stamp it on the Melonberry cardstock. The leaves are from Papertrey Ink's Turning a new leaf. I kind of like the melonberry-gray combo.

Tomio and Leah are off at her golf tournament today. I'm hoping to catch up on a little housework and some stamping :) Thanks for stopping by today!! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Friday, June 29

thinking of you...

I had fun making this card :) Used lots of my favorite stamps.

I really like stamping in layers--the text, the flourishes and then the flowers. The banner is just hand cut. I popped it up to add room for the twine under it. I punched the butterflies out of clear acetate and then inked the edges with white stazon. And...that's it :)

Thanks for stopping by today!!! Hope you are staying cool. It's supposed to be pretty hot here today...hoping to stay inside :)

Monday, June 25


I don't think I really like this card. And I almost didn't post it. But, since I never know what others seems to like, and when I send in cards to magazines, 8 times out of 10 they choose my least favorite, I thought--why not? lol  So here it is. 

I still don't love it. But I do like the idea of it, so maybe I'll try again and try to change up something.
Pretty sure all the supplies are from Papertrey, but if you have a question, please just ask :)

Thanks for stopping by!! Time for us to do school here. Hope you have a wonderful day!!

Saturday, June 23

fun :)

I've been making a lot more cards than layouts lately. But yesterday I made a layout, and it was so much fun! Really want to do some more. Sorry I don't have the picture of that one on my computer yet, but I do have one that I made before it.

Pretty simple, but I was really pleased with how it turned out. I stitched all the lines between the pictures. And I even used some stamps on it too :) These pictures of when my Cutie learned how to ride his bike without training wheels. (He's so big now *sniff*).

Thanks SO much for stopping by today!!! I hope you have an awesome day!

Monday, June 18

I realize

my posting has been pretty sporadic lately. But that seems to kind of match my stamping too, unfortunately. Haven't been completely myself lately, and with the "must do" things like, you know, cooking and homeschooling, stamping is the first thing that gets bumped. I am hoping to get back to being normal me soon....

Anyway, here is the card I made my dad for Father's day.

I like how it turned out. I really didn't know how to tie a tie, so I had to work at it for awhile lol. But  I did figure it out :) Other than that, really simple, like I like. All supplies for this are from Papertrey Ink.

Thanks for stopping by today!! I hope your week is looking bright so far!!

Tuesday, June 12


Another not quite so CAS card. While I do like making CAS cards, sometimes it is still fun to pile it on a little :)

That's kind of what I did with this card. I stamped this newsprint in kraft ink on the pink cardstock for something a little different. The tree trunk stamp and is from Papertrey's Trendy Tree Tops set. I mixed a couple of different sentiments together and made it into a banner. I inked the edges for some defintion and popped it up on pop dots. And that's about it :)

Thanks for stopping by today!!I hope you are having a super week so far. At my house everyone is counting the days still Rhys-ter gets back :)