Sunday, October 31

a scary story?

I almost thought I wouldn't get to post today. I was having a mini melt down :)I'm not computer savvy. At all. But, I do all the computer stuff at our house (well, I am the one who uses it 90% of the time!). I set it up, connected it to the internet and all that. Well, my itouch is dying. Don't really have any idea what the problem is. And in a last attempt to see what I could do, I had it connected to my computer and was trying to get the internet to connect on  the iTouch. Somehow I totally messed up my internet connection on my computer. I was freaking out getting mad at myself heehee.BUT, in the end, I did manage to get everything back to normal. PHEW :) That's my little scary story for Halloween heehee :)

I don't have a Halloween card though. So how about a Christmas one? I can't wait to start making lots of Christmas cards, so I didn't :) They are my favorite kind of card to make :)
This isn't my typical style of card. A little bit shabby, vintage? Maybe? I *think* I like it lol. I stamped some text on the red. Then I layered on the label and then the tag. I stamped some damasks on thte tag first. I stamped some flourishes on the tree before I wrapped the ribbon around. I stamped some different text on the trunk. Then I finished off with some machine stitching and a sentiment. It was fun trying something a little bit different, though I don't think I'll be making this kind too often :)
Ok. I'm off to bed for the night. Oh, but I *did* get some crafting done today~yay :) Thanks for stopping by!!

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