Friday, May 31

I did it :)

I'm pretty sure I mentioned that when we moved out here, I had to get my Japanese drivers license. I'd had my American one since I was 19, but not having a Japanese one, I really haven't had a whole lot of experience driving around. Moving here, though,  I really haven't had much of choice and I have been driving all around going to doctors, dentists, classes and shopping. I am SO grateful to be able to. I often wished I was able to do more on my own before, and  now I do. And it  bears repeating--I am SOOO grateful that I can. But I have mostly limited myself to around here. Nothing too far, and definitely not anywhere I haven't been before. Not anymore though. Yesterday, not only did I take Rhys to his nose doctor in the city, but I drove almost 2 hours to pick up Leah at her golf tournament, at a place I had never, ever been before. It might not seem like a big deal for someone else, but trust me, for me, it is. I have no innate sense of direction, unfortunately. And I am not the adventurous kind either. And I only moved here about 6 months ago. But I did it, without any problems any problems at all. For me, it is a big accomplishment. yay :)

okay... and I have a card too.

just a simple one. I really like these little vases from Papertrey. So fun to stamp in lots of different ways.

Thanks for stopping by today!! We are supposed to go air conditioner hunting today, so I'm excited :)

Monday, May 27

too hot....

I really do enjoy my little scrapping room that I have out our house now. It fits everything nicely and I don't have to keep it too clean,heehee :) But, at the moment, there is no air conditioning in there... And this past week, it has gotten quite hot here in Kumamoto. I tried to go up there and stamp, and I stayed as long as I could. But once I started sweating too much, it just wasn't fun anymore. Fortunately, my sweet hubby has said we'll go buy a small air conditioning unit, hopefully this weekend :)

Anyway, here is a card that I found in my files, that for some reason I forgot to share.

I like the glitter on the butterfly. I'm pretty sure I did it with stickles, and I'm thinking I should use them a little more often :). Stamps from Papertrey and Hero Arts on this card.

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you have an amazing day!

Monday, May 20


I actually started this blog post 3 or 4 days ago. But I've been having one of those barely-have-time-to-even-sit-down weeks. Lots of swimming, golf, school, doctor's appointments, birthday parties, church, meetings...Have you ever had one of those times when you barely feel like you ever get the chance to unwind? Just had so many things going lately....But Emma and Levi seemed to have a great birthday, and Leah made into the top 5 junior golfers in Kumamoto....I'll just be glad when I finally feel like I have a handle on things.

Here is a card from a couple weeks ago.

Some of my favorite leaf stamps (again, I know I use them a lot). And some of my favorite sentiment stamps too. Both are from Papertrey Ink.

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope I have some time to post a little more often this week. Sorry things have been so slow lately.

Saturday, May 11

and then there were none...

Yep, they all got it. Fortunately, I was expecting it, so we handled it fine. Emma is now doing much better, and hopefully we've seen the last of the flu this year. I was glad Tomio didn't get it though, since he and Leah are at another golf tournament of hers this week. They'll be back tomorrow.

Anyway... here's a card.

Love all the kraft :) And the envelope pattern background stamp. It's from Hero Arts, and it adds just the right touch without being too much. The fun big sentiment is from Papertrey Ink. I don't know about you, but I am always looking for fun, different sentiments.

And that's it for today :) Thanks SO much for stopping by today. I hope you are having some nice weather--looks like the sun finally came out over here!

Wednesday, May 8

3 out of 4....

that's how many kids here have ended up with the flu this week....fortunately they are on the mend now. We were supposed to start school back again this week, but it's been put on hold for now. Hopefully things will all settle down by next week. about a card? :)

simple. I heat embossed the butterfly first, then stamped the woodgrain and inked the edges. The sentiment and butterfly are from Gina K. The woodgrain is from Hero Arts. It is super simple, but I like it :)

Thanks so much for stopping by today! I hope are you having a healthy, restful week!

Thursday, May 2

not as expected...

Our golden week certainly has gone nothing like I expected (or hoped).... It started with Rhys getting a bad stomach bug Sunday evening...and then we all ended up with it, in turns. We also took Rhys to the doctor to see about having his adenoids removed for his chronic nose issues. That alone would have been enough, but then Tomio seems to have gotten unexplainable, spontaneous hearing loss in his right ear. He's been to the doctor for it a couple of times now and is taking some meds. All we can do now is pray....

Anyway...all that has totally changed our "fun" plans for Golden Week. Leah did still make it to her church camp, though. And we rented some fun dvds to watch as a family. I was hoping to stamp, but haven't been up to it or had much time. But I hate to finally post after this long and not have a card. So, here is one I made a couple of weeks ago:

It is a smaller card. I heat embossed the sentiment. I don't have black embossing powder or black pigment ink, so I did it with my black soot distress ink, and it worked well :)

Thanks for stopping by today!! I hope you have been having a restful week!