Thursday, November 4

fall party fun :)

Goodness. The kids had so.much. fun. at their fall party :) No one really has a a Halloween party here anyway, so we have our own " fall party". It's just the cousins, but with all three of me and my sisters' kids, it makes 14 kids :) Plenty for a party lol. It pretty much lasted all day though. I was certainly tired by the time we all got home and the kids were in bed.
This is Leah as "Wonder Woman".I  wasn't sure how it would turn out when she said wanted to be Wonder Woman. But I was so pleased with how it turned out! And so was Leah :) ALL of this is made by me :) Can you believe it? Not me :) I'm really not a sewer. I even made the boots :)

Here is Batman aka Levi :) He LOVED his costume. Which made me very happy :) I made all this too. I was really happy with how the bat on his shirt turned out :) I made his belt too, it even has pockets to put his little throwing bats I made in. Oh, I don't know if you can see in these pictures, but I made "stabbies" on his black gloves.
And this is Flash Gordon. I struggle alot with his outfit and hat. 
But Rhys loved his too. The lightning bolts really added a nice touch :)             

And here we have Batgirl :)
She wasn't too thrilled with her hat, but she didn't mind her cape and dress :) She looked in the mirror and said "Batman! Baby!" heehee :) So fun for me :)

Lots of fun, games, and candy :) It was a good day. I think everyone considered it a success :)
Thanks for stopping by!!! I hope your week is going well. Mine's been going better than I even expected :)

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