Saturday, November 6

I did it :)

I'm so proud of myself. As I mentioned before, I'm  NOT computer all confuses me lol. But I try.  And this time, I was able to do it again. I managed to install my computer's wireless internet, even though our router was so old I had to find new installation software online. AND I got my itouch's wifi set up too. Even though the code key was no where to be found, and I had to change the level of security and get another encrypted code key to get it all set up. No idea what is involved in that? I didn't either till now :) I mean, I took me awhile to do. And, yes I did get frustrated along the way. And others probably could have done it a lot quicker. But I did it. And I did myself. Yay :)

Have you checked out Papertrey's sneak peeks going on right now? Eeek!! I just spent all my "free" money on my last order. But this is the most excited I have been in ages from just the little peeks. I guess I can hope that Santa remembers what I like, right? :) I'm also really interested in some Waltzingmouse stamps. I haven't gotten any yet, but there are several I have my eye on :)

Ok these pictures of Levi have nothing to do with anything, but I just rediscovered them lately. I Some of my all time favorites of his baby pictures. Adorable :) I can't believe how big he is now....really wish he would stop growing. sigh :)
Alright, I've got dishes calling my name ( too bad they aren't calling someone else's name...). But least if I get them all done I can have guilt free play time, right? Thanks for stopping by!! Happy weekend!! :)

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