Wednesday, September 26

Not a...

new card again. This is actually one from a long time ago. But while I have actually made a couple of cards :),  I still haven't photographed them yet :(

I *almost* really like this I do like the colors. It just didn't turn out quite like I was picturing... I kept it anyway though. Butterflies are from PTI, the sentiment is from Verve.

Thanks for stopping by today!! It is officially 2 weeks till we move today. You wouldn't think it to look at our house though....:)

Thursday, September 20

I don't really do

spooky Halloween cards or anything. We don't actually even celebrate Halloween at our house. Although we do have a fun "fall party" as our version where we dress up in costumes :) But, I made this card for a magazine call once, but it didn't get picked up.

I thought it turned out pretty cute though :) Surprisingly, no stamping all on this card. Die cuts for the letters, and I just free hand cut the ghost.

And that's it for me. I finally did have a little time to stamp today, though :) yay! But nothing is quite finished yet. Thanks SO much for stopping by!!

Tuesday, September 18

so, I'm fairly sure...

that I have never posted this card before. But I apologize ahead of time if I have! Tomio has been getting home between 10 and 11, and then leaving at 6am :( It doesn't add up to much sleep. While I *know* he is more tired than I am, my brain is definitely still foggy...
Anyway, the card:

I just loved how this card turned out. It was one of those that everything came together just like I wanted :) All stamps one here happen to be Papertrey Ink.

Thanks SO much for stopping by! I hope you have a wonderful day :)

Thursday, September 13

poor, neglected...

 blog :( I feel bad, because I actually really do enjoy posting on my blog. That's why I started in the  first place. But with our up coming move, I really just haven't had the time or even the "umph" I needed to get posting. So, for those sweet followers of mine, I am sorry. I hope to post more, but in all honesty, it will most likely be a little slower for the next month or so.

I do have great news for me though :) I got my Japanese driver's license today!! It was a big ordeal and I had to work hard, but it paid off :) Now I can drive the super cute Nissan Cube that Tomio got me for our anniversary. Once we move to Kyushu, I will pretty much *have* to be able to drive, so that is why I did it. So happy about it :)

Not a new card, but another pub from Paper Crafts. It was in the same magazine as the last one I shared.

I really liked this one too, so I was just thrilled when they chose this one and the other one.

Thanks for stopping by today!! I hope you have a SUPER day!!

Thursday, September 6

so much...

going on!! Goodness...Most of it is really good stuff, so I'm not really complaining :) Just keeps me busy.  I don't think I've stamped in a week :( And for me, that is a really long time. I'm hoping to get some calm relaxing, stamping time in soon. But I have a month to get my house packed up.  We had LOTS of fun over the weekend though. Went to Disney Sea and Disneyland. We figure we aren't likely to make it back any time soon, so we made it extra fun and extra special :)

Anyway... since I didn't have anything new to share, I thought I'd share a card I had published in Paper Crafts' "Stamp It!" cards magazine.

This is a card that I really loved how it turned out. So it made my day when they chose it!! Nothing really fancy... some stamping and coloring. I just really liked it :) The flower and sentiment are from Gina K. The background is from Impression Obsession.

Thanks SO much for stopping by today. Sorry for the long break. I'm hoping packing won't keep me too busy the rest of the month.