Monday, August 29

one more....

option. Since I never make just one card for Tomio, I thought I would share one of my other choices. And seeing as I have at least one whole day left to choose, I am still debating :)

I really like this one too,  although there is the chance that it's a bit too girly since it's all pink? I usually figure that lovey cards can be pink and still be ok :) I like the subtle newsprint on the kraft. The pretty sentiment is from Papertrey's Heart Prints. I really like this set, but I have trouble using the hearts... not really sure why... anyway, the sentiments are great :)

ok, that's it for me tonight. It's time for my boys to hit the sack, and we have discovered the hard way that *nothing* will go very smoothly with sleep-deprived boys. Trust me.  Thanks for stopping by!!

Sunday, August 28


over! ack!! I *cannot* believe that August is almost over!  Once it's September, the year is practically done, you know? Our anniversary is August 31st,  and we are planning on going to Disney Sea this year. We'll take the kids too, and I know everyone will have fun (as long as the typhoon holds off a little).

Anyway, here is one of the cards that could be Tomio's anniversary card. As yet, I'm still undecided lol.
I know it's not overly "anniversary-ish", but sometimes it's fun to do something a little different,right?  I really like using an impression plate on white cardstock. I added some  glitter to the icing on the cupcake, and I like how it turned out. I just squished it into my glue pad and sprinkled on the glitter. Nothing fancy lol. I really like having the dies to match the cupcake. It makes it much easier.

Thanks for stopping by!  Emma went to sleep early and I'm hoping to *finally* get to play with my new stamps~yay!

Wednesday, August 24


So I have a love/hate relationship with heat embossing. I really love the detail it can add, and how it works well to make white pop. It can be so pretty! But, I can have the hardest time getting it too turn out "right". Know matter whate precautions I take, I usually end up getting too much powder on places I don't want it, or not enough, or SOMETHING. I still do it though, because I love when it DOES turn out :) One of the ways I get it turn out without much worrying, is by using clear embossing powder.It's pretty forgiving :), but still gives great results. heehee :)

That's what I did on this card. I think it's especially striking on the black. I also embossed the sentiment in white, and I think I did a pretty good job of that too.heehee:) I LOVE this doily shape from Papertrey. Honestly, when I bought the set of doily dies, I thought I might not even use this one at all, but I think I like it best. I guess you just never

Alright, I'm off to bed for tonight. Thanks so much for stopping by!!

Friday, August 19

And they are back!

They made it back safe and sound. It was a whirlwind trip full of golf and more golf lol. They came back all tan. I'm glad they went and had fun. Emma was really excited to see Leah and Daddy. All while they were gone, when she would come down in the morning she would ask "where's Daddy?" Now things can go back to normal.

I always sort of think I am keeping track of what cards I have shown here on the blog and which ones I haven't...but I'm really not. sigh. But today's card I know I haven't, because I just made it :) I love all the bright cheery colors!

Isn't it cheery? I love how the bright blue butterfly looks with the pink and orange. The pretty label is a Tim Holtz Sizzix one. I just love it--it's really great size. I diecut it out of PTI's summer sunrise cardstock and stamped the text in Wild Honey distress ink. I have used my summer sunrise cardstock so much more since  I discovered how perfectly the Wild Honey ink goes with it! And since I can barely make a card or layout without using kraft somewhere, the base of the card is kraft :)

So glad you stopped by today!! Are you ready for the weekend?!

Monday, August 15

They are off.

Tomio and Leah left for Thailand. They will be there for a few days--golfing everyday :) Not particularly MY idea of a fun holiday, but they were pretty excited about it lol :) So I'm here with the boys and Miss Emma. They are having fun doing "boy" stuff. They got a new Pirates of the Caribbean lego that they just love. Their current faves for everything are Pirates of the Caribbean and Indiana Jones. You can tell Miss Emma has 2 older brothers when she recognizes anything pertaining to them, and calls them "Pirates" and "Jones", respectively. heehee :)

Here's a layout of Miss Emma. I can't believe how little hair she had here lol. And it was straight too. Basically just had fun with this layout. Some stitichin, felt flowers, cute papers. I actually heat embossed the woodgrain pattern onto the buttons--thought it kinda looked like sunflowers.

So glad you stopped by today!! I hope you are keeping cool, it seems to keep getting harder and harder to do that here. So thankful for my air :)

Thursday, August 11

break time.

It's finally summer break time :) I think I might be even more excited than the kids lol. We'll only have about 10~14 days for break, but I intend to enjoy Really, I do :) I think the boys feel the same way too, though, because they have spent the whole day up in their room, playing, fighting and finding toys that have been lost for months :)
Today's card is another elegant one (remember how I like to get out supplies and make several things using them and my scraps?)  This card came from "elegant" scraps lol. I really liked the pink and black combo. And I also used the rest of my one piece of silver cardstock heehee :) The music background is my wonderful huge square one from Impression Obsession. Love how it can cover a whole card vertically or horizontally :) I heat embossed the damask on the circle after stamping it a slow drying pigment ink.

Thanks for stopping by today! I'm going to enjoy my break, hopefully by making some cards :)

Monday, August 8

I think it's time...

for another layout. I made this one a few weeks ago, but I'm pretty sure I haven't shared it yet. So sorry if  I did!

These pictures are from last year when Miss Emma was first learning to eat by herself. She's eating broccoli :) which was, and still is, one of her most favorite foods. She prefers veggies over meat all the time. And she insists on calling eggs "chicken", which I suppose, isn't too far off, right?! Anyway, back to the layout-- I used some Fancy Pants Papers and some Prima flowers. I stamped, colored and trimmed out some PTI butterflies. Oh, and I die cut the letters out of coasters from PTI too, just for something different.

Short and sweet today. We've got some school to do and then we are going to the kids' first lesson at their new swimming class. Hoping things go well. They are all super excited :)

Thanks for stopping by!!

Thursday, August 4

i don't...

drink coffee. At all. Or tea. Or even hot chocolate. I never developed a taste for coffee or tea, and I figured why try when I know I get more than enough caffeine from my coke, right? And as for the hot chocolate, well, I just really don't like the idea of *hot* drinks. I am completely aware that I'm probably in a very small minority here.Despite my aversion to all the aforementioned drinks, I simply adore cute mugs :) I mean really, what's more fun than drinking out of a really cute mug? So I have several of my own that I use. I simply drink my coke out of them. And if you haven't tried this, I really do recommend it. It is more fun than you might think :)

I also adore coffee and other mug related stamp sets. So much so that I *almost* tried to start drinking coffee just so I could feel more justified in buying more of them. In the end I just reasoned that I could just make card for my coffee-drinking friends with the stamps. I know, my reasoning is exceptional :) Today's card I made with probably cutest set of "coffee stamps" ever. Love their rustic look.

I chose to go with a really CAS card. I love how crisp the white looks for CAS cards. I used a the matching dies to cut out the mug. And isn't the heart-shaped steam too cute?

Oh,  I have to add in a quick brag on my little golfer :) She went to her probably last competition for season on Tuesday, and she tied for 3rd!! She's has been golfing for a lot less time than most of the other kids there, and only been in a couple of competitions so far. So proud of her for all her hard work.

Thanks for stopping by today! Are you ready for the weekend? I am sure--unfortunately our "weekend" finishes today...:)

Monday, August 1

I guess...

 I spoke too soon. Or I jinxed myself >_<  Miss Emma apparently decided  to make up for behaving during the day by screaming all night long. She speaks tons and can communicate fine, but she still wouldn't tell me why she  was unhappy with me and the world....I'm pretty sure there wasn't a real reason. oh well, sleep is overrated anyway, right?! At least no one else seems to hear her crying and get woken up.

But I still do have a card :) I mean hey, no sleep and no crafty time would be even worse. Gotta have some fun too :)

This card was fun to make :) Kind of just came together as I was playing. That's the best. And as an added bonus Tomio noticed it sitting on my desk and said "hey, that's a great card! The magazines will choose that one."  They didn't, but I still really liked it :) Love kraft and red together, and in case I hadn't mentioned it yet, I {heart} my PTI impression plates. I *need* some more. So far I think this one is my favorite.

Well, thanks so much for stopping by! I'm hoping to get a little more sleep tonight than I did last night :)