Tuesday, November 23

more Christmas :)

Yes, I have another Christmas card today :) Like I said, my favorite kind of card to make :) And for some reason, I really can't seem to stop making CAS (clean and simple) cards. Not sure what it is....

Simple can be good, right? And don't be fooled by the appearance, CAS cards don't take me as little time to make as it looks. I usually spend forever on a card, no matter how fancy or simple lol. I used Holiday Button bits for this card. I was glad to get use it since I got last year after Christmas, I missed using it for Christmas. And I was also glad to get this holly image to work. I loved it--I mean, polka dot leaves, how cute is that?!--But, I just couldn't seem to work out how to use it. I like this way though :)

Tomio comes back tomorrow night, so this my last night I have to be alone. Well, if being surrounded by 4 little kiddos all day counts as being alone....which I guess it doesn't, does it? But I'm still lonely without my hubby :) At least we have cell phones, right? I was remembering when he had to take his first long trip after we were married. Leah was only 1, and he had to go to America for a month. We had cell phones then, but no overseas ones. We could only talk maybe a couple times a day, and whoa, was it expensive! So glad things are more convenient and cheaper now.

Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate your coming to "visit" :)

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