Tuesday, November 16

we'll see...

I started on my Christmas cards now :) Well, actually I make Christmas cards all year long because they are just so fun :) But around this time I start making mostly just Christmas cards and tags for awhile. Anyway, so I started. And I am determined to like my Friendship jars. They are such a cute concept, and I do like what I have seen others do with them. So I've been trying to make some things with it. Here is one I came up with yesterday:

Really, really simple. (I seem to be like really simple ones lately, not as much big bows etc. I'm sure it's just another phase of mine, lol.) I used some of my new Fine Linen cardstock. I really like the rustic feel it has. I added a layer of red for a little pop of color. I used my copics to color the trees directly on the Fine Linen cardstock. Oh, and I don't have the Friendship Jar Fall fillers. I don't do any Halloween cards at all, so I couldn't justify getting them. But I loved the idea of the sticks to put things on in the jar. I looked in my stash and I found the long stem from Green Thumb worked perfectly. I'm still trying to find a good flourish or something for the decoration at the top. The sentiment is from Holiday Button Bits. Finished off with some twine. 
Alright....lots of school to do and we have guests coming. Well, really the cousins don't count as guests lol. But they are still coming which makes for a busy full day :)
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