Wednesday, July 28

a card~yay!

We bought a tree over the weekend. Its not huge, it is a potted one. But it is some kind of palm tree. I love how tropical it looks. Tomio put it on our wood deck, just outside my kitchen window. Now everytime I go in the kitchen, I can see the leaves blowing in the wind. And it makes me happy :)
I have a card again today :) I really do love this cupcake. I know I haven't done nearly all the fun things I could with it yet. So many things to try with all the different topping combinations.

I thought it might look yummy if I used ultra thick embossing powder for the topping :) I always use my heat gun from the bottom when I use the thick embossing powder,otherwise it blows it off. I went with kind of distressed look for the background stamps this time. And I used lots of background stamps. Music (again...), text (again...) and the argyle one. The argyle one is really fun with all the different sizes and color combinations you can do.But it does (at least for me) seem to take a little bit more practice to get it right. I love how it looks though :) The green leaves are just cut free hand. All of these stamp and papers are Papertrey Ink, except for the music background which is CHF, and the kraft, which is from Paper Reflections.
Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm just trying to get a few things done around the house while Miss Emma is napping. She's still not feeling very well :( But hopefully she'll be herself again soon :)
Have super day!!!

Tuesday, July 27


Just when you think it really can't get any hotter, it does. I almost melted when I brought in the laundry this afternoon. At least it dries quickly, right? :)
Miss Emma is saying a few morw words now. Her current favorites are  "whoa" and "wow" which she says whenever she thinks something is cool or when she falls down :). And "Daddy?", which she says as a question with both of her hands out with her palms up as if to say "where's Daddy?". Then you are supposed to ask her "where's Daddy?" Sadly, the answer she usually gives for that question is "bye byes" :( But she will point to him if he is home :)

Ok... I have a card for today! yay :)

Sorry no detail shot :( Not sure why...
I actually don't use pattern paper as much on my cards. I kind of like to make my own when I can. But this orange seemed fun :) I used my much loved CHF music stamp on the pink panel at the bottom. If you look closely I *think* you can tell that the yellow has a light pattern too. I did some straight stitching down the sidese and some zigzag on the pink panel. I colored my pearls to be pink to match the flower. I also pierced some holes under the sentiment just for a little more interest.

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you are managing to stay cool :) I haven't gotten to eat nearly enough ice cream yet this summer. Needing some...preferably a double :)
And since I talked about Miss Emma, I thought I would add a picture of her too :)

Wednesday, July 21

another hot day...

So hot here. Really. Sometimes I wonder how people survived without air conditioning :) lol. ( I am blessed :)) Even with the air though, I seem to get things done much slower in the summer....but that's ok right? Not everything is a race :)

Ok since it IS so hot, I thought I would share a wonderful snowy picture :) This is actually a really old layout, Levi isn't even 2 yet :)

Isn't he such a cutie? :)  Not a fancy layout or anything. I can see where I would add alot more embellishments if I made it now. Really interesting to see how my style has changed... even just over the last year or so ( do you ever go back and look at your old layouts or cards you made? If they are just TOO bad, I will redo them. I leave some, just! I guess ~lol. )

And since I am showing layout of Levi, I have to share my favorite funny thing he said lately. Levi was sure Rhys was cheating at the soccer game they were playing (he wasn't, btw). So he came up to me, all distressed, and said "Mama, Rhys is being fair!" heehee :) I guess that prefix just isn't important :) I actually even corrected him saying "oh, he's being unfair?" And Levis said "Yes! He's being FAIR!" Heehee :) I didn't even try anymore after that since it was just cute anyway.

Thanks SO much for stopping by! I hope you are staying cool :)

Friday, July 16

time goes by...

The rain has finally seemed to let up here. Now its just plain HOT :) The kids are so excited though, they get to go to the pool tomorrow :) They have been asking since May I think, when will it open so they can go. So the plan is to go tomorrow afternoon. Miss Emma and I won't be going though. I don't think she would last all afternoon out there, and I burn way to easily. The kids are all lucky to have gotten Daddy's skin that tans so nicely. Hopefully Miss Emma and I will have a nice relaxing time at home :)

I got a couple of layouts done this week (which is alot for me...I'm such a slow scrapper!) But they were the smaller ones I do for each of the kids' albums. I did one for Rhys and one for Emma. Sorry, no pictures yet though :( I did pictures of Emma from months ago,and wow, I can't believe how much Emma has grown....when I got pregnant with Emma (surprise!) I told myself I would take the time to enjoy all the little things, notice everything. But here she is, already 14 months and I don't even know how that happened so fast...*sniff* She's into everything right now. I have to watch her constantly. And she is super clingy. Everyday I have plan and work around whatever she needs, and half the time I don't even know how I can. But right now, all I can think about is how I much I'm gonna miss that when she gets bigger. Today I started to say to Rhys for the 5th time to pick up his drawing stuff off the counter because he left it out again. And just as I was about to get the words out of my mouth, I picked up the "comics" that he had made. There were at least 10 of them, all carefully drawn about his favorite characters. And then all I could think of was how sad I would be when I didn't find his drawing stuff around the house anymore....suddenly I didn't mind picking them up at all.....I am SO glad I get to spend my days with my 4 sweeties. I just wish I could keep them from growing up so quickly....goodness I didn't mean to get all sappy lol....not the typical me. (I can't believe I got teary eyed just typing this).

ANYWAY, here are some more pictures of my precious cuties
Sweet Miss Emma
Levi, aka "the Cutie"
My big girl Leah :)
and my Rhys-ter :)

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you have a WONDERFUL day!!

Sunday, July 11

too fast...

wow. This week just flew by!! Nothing too big or exciting going on. We all seem to have gotten some kind of summer cold. Really draining. I'm not sure who gets crankier Miss Emma or me :) hee:) So we have  been trying to take it a little easy this week. Not much crafty fun either--I told Tomio you know I must not be feeling good when I just rest while Emma's napping instead of playing at my scrap desk :) I hope everyone's back to their normal selves soon!

On a totally different note, have you ever had something, not even a big or important thing, that you just wished you could do, but couldn't? For me, its french braiding. I've always wished I could, but I've never really been good at it. I've tried every now and then on Leah's hair, but I would just get frustrated and just do something else. I always love the look of them though. So I decided that the only way I would ever be able to was to....practice :) ( I know. shocking isn't it?)  And I have been. My goal was to at least french braid Leah's hair once a week. So far, it's been 2 weeks, and I've done it 8 or more times :) I'm not THAT good yet, but I definitely can tell a difference. Yay me :) and fyi, Leah has the thickest hair you can imagine which actually makes it hard to do in one french braid. But I figure if I can dh hers, I can do anyone's. right? Anyway, it just felt good to be "overcoming" something that I thought I never could. When I actually get good at it I'll take a picture and post it here to prove it :) heehee:) So, how about you? Is there anything you want "beat"?!

Well, since I don't really have anything fun and crafty to share, here are a picture of Miss Emma  :)

Isn't she lovely :)?

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you are have a wonderful, sunny weekend!

Monday, July 5

Still raining....

Well, it's still rainy season here, which means it rains pretty much everyday.  Its not like I really have to go out in it all that much, but it does make it alot harder to get my laundry dry. And the humidity is almost stifling I'm pretty sure there are only a couple of weeks left of rainy season~yay!

I thought I would share a layout today. Some super silly fun pictures I took of Levi last December :)

It was just so cute and silly I HAD to document it:) I don't really even know where he got the idea lol. Mostly Fancy Pants products here. Love the kraft pattern cardstock.
Kept it pretty simple. I really like these fonts though. Two of my go-to fonts. They are of course from Quickutz :)

Well, thanks for stopping by! I'm off to check my laundry before it starts pouring rain again :) Hope you're having a fun week!

Thursday, July 1

haircuts and a card

I have a hair appointment on Sunday. Nothing too odd I suppose, except I haven't been in over a year. And this is the same person who got her hair cut 3 times in 2 months just because she wanted to try something new. And the same person who dyed her hair 4 times during the summer since she was "growing it out", but couldn't just "do nothing". I've pretty much never gotten the same haircut twice. seriously. I've had long (which was so hard to let it grow!) short, medium, really short, blonde, black, red, light brown, streaky, permed(!).Yet somehow I managed to actually go a year without really even thinking about what I should do with my hair. why? I'm guessing some combination of being way too busy with a baby now that I have 3 in homeschool too, getting old and not caring about little things(ha!maybe not that one...) and maybe just spending all my time/money on scrapping and stamping things *hee* Yet, I do have an appointment for Sunday. And I plan to get a cut, highlights...the works :) Yay :) Kind of exciting. And going to the salon in Japan is such a treat. You get a wonderful shampoo, massage, choclates while you wait :)ahh...:)

Anyway....I do have a card too!
A REALLY simple one. But I like it:) Did you notice?  I managed to use text and woodgrain background :) I used my copics to add the shading on the flower. Everything on this card, except the gems, is from Papertrey. Oh, and the embossing folder I used is from Sizzix.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Its almost the weekend :) Any big plans? Mine should involve pampering and relaxing :)