Wednesday, October 31


I know it has been longer than forever this time...sorry. It really has just seemed to take awhile to adjust. I am finally seeming to be able to work some stamping time into our schedule. And it makes me happy :) I haven't gotten a chance to actually photograph anything I have made the past couple of days yet though, so the card for today is pretty old. Maybe beginning of this year? I wasn't sure how I felt about it, so I never posted it. But here it is anyway :)

It's ok, just not what I was imagining when I was making it. The flower and the sentiment are from Gina K.

Thanks so much for stopping by--really! I hope you are having a wonderful week :)

Wednesday, October 17

Hello :)

I am still here. Well, actually not really, lol. We finished moving, and I am now living in Kyushu. (One of the smaller islands at the "bottom" of Japan). I have moved a lot--but this one was tougher. It had been a long time since I moved somewhere you couldn't just drive to. We've been here a week now, and are finally getting settled.

This is a card from several weeks ago. My stamping stuff is all unpacked and set up, so I hope to make some new things soon though :)

Thanks SO much for stopping by!! I'm really hoping to be able to post more regularly now. At least it shouldn't be another 2 weeks anyway :)

Tuesday, October 2

it's starting...

to look a little bit more like we are moving. But definitely not like we are moving in a week(!) I finally think I have phone company and internet "stuff" dealt with for our new place though, so that is a relief.

Anyway, here is a card for today.

And it is actually one I made just this week :) It was really fun to get back into stamping again. I stamped the butterflies on the base, and then again on white and colored them in and trimmed them out. It made the colors pop a lot more and added dimension.

Thanks SO much for stopping by today. I'm afraid my posting will still be sporadic for a while...but a least we SHOULD have internet all set up when we move :)