Monday, November 15


Heehee :) I just thought this face was priceless. Miss Emma stole both Leah and Rhys's sandwiches stacked up and was trying to bite into both. She knew they weren't hers and was looking at Rhys while he was starting to panic. Being the sensible mother that I am, I of course had to take it away get pictures :)

Here are some pictures from our tree trimming time :) We kind of have a tradition of  putting on the wreath :)

We also have a tradition of everyone taking turns putting on the star. Usually Daddy holds the little ones that can't reach, but Miss Emma was a little tired so it had to be Mama this time :)

Anyway, that's just a look into what has been going on here the past few days. I'm so in the mood for Christmas now. I have my Christmas music in. And once I put the Christmas music in, that's all we listen to until after Christmas :) Last year Tomio asked if we ever listened to normal music anymore, and I nicely told him, that no, we don't. Not until after December 25th :) AND, Christmas means Christmas card and tags! yay: ) I've already started on some cards.I hope to make some tags (today?) too. The kids loved the tags from last year, so that makes it even more fun for me to make them :)

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope your week is starting out well! Mine is so far~yay :)

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