Monday, November 8

heading out.

I'm really enjoying my newly-fixed  iTouch :) So fun having internet on it. Heehee :) I don't really get internet outside our home. I mean where ever there is Wifi sure it will catch, but we live out in the middle of nowhere. And I'm pretty sure that the 2 farmers that live near us don't even have a computer, much less wireless internet :) But with Miss Emma always wanting her mama, it's so nice to be  to take my iTouch with me and do some scrappy-stampy browsing.

Anyway, today we're off. I don't get out much---I have four kids, and I don't drive. (Remember, I live in the middle of nowhere :)) But, today we are all taking the bus and going to visit "THE BOY'S". That's what my kids call my sister's house. Technically she has a girl now too, but since she's only 1 I guess they don't count her yet :).

Hope you have an awesome day!! Thanks for stopping by! (Here's a picture of Miss Emma just because every good blog post has a picture.)

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