Friday, July 26

More stamping :)

I've had a little more stamping time this past week. Leah had a golf tournament, which means we had a couple of days off from school. No school = more stamping time for me :) And the kids are always glad to have couple of days off too.

Anyway, here's a card. Pretty much just kraft and white. Really love these wildflower stamps. So easy to use. And butterflies always make everything prettier :)

Thanks for stopping by today!! Hope you are staying cool :)

Sunday, July 21


Before we moved to Kumamoto, (as I have mentioned before) I had no license and no car. But I do now. Things were different right from the start--I took the kids to the new doctors I found by myself, did the shopping by myself. And when I say "by myself", I mean me with four kids in tow :) But gradually, things have gotten even more different. Tomio will take Leah to golf while I take the boys to karate. I drove up and met Tomio and Leah at a restaurant after they got back from a round of golf. And then today, we actually drove to church in two separate cars, since they were going to golf and I had a meeting after church. It's all good stuff, of course. But like I said, different. Especially for someone who was really pretty much unable to go anywhere "by myself." Things are good here. We've been here about 9 months, and things are good :)

Ok---here's a card for today.

I'm really liking the black and kraft. I added some clear embossing at the bottom for interest.
All stamps and cardstock are from Papertrey Ink.

Thanks for stopping by!! Are you ready for Monday?? I don't think I am....

Thursday, July 18


I'm sort of apologizing to myself too. I really do enjoy posting on my blog, even if there aren't that many people reading it :)  It started it for fun, and it really is fun for me. So, even though I am just so busy lately, I decided to keep trying my best to keep it up. My personal goal is 3 times a week, but I will be happy with two...

 Things have just been so busy lately. We started our new school, and as each kid moves up, it takes more or at least different involvement from me. Plus with the boys' karate classes and Leah's golf... and this week I spent a lot of time at the dermatologist and the orthodontist. Things are good, just really full.

Tomio even did get my air conditioner put in:) yay!! It works super well now. But I have barely had any time to use it. I did actually get in a little stamping time before the kids' swimming classes today though. Nothing spectacular, but a I had fun playing.

And here is a card from a little bit ago.

simple. Trying stamping on the diagonal which seems to be super trendy right now. Pretty fun :)

Thanks SO much for stopping by today!! I hope to be around a lot more.

Friday, July 5

yay :)

We have been having "electrical problems the past few weeks. That is, the power would go off  almost everyday. Every time I thought I figured out the "triggers," something else would set it was rather frustrating to say the least. But it has been fixed--yay!! The air conditioner in the upstairs bedroom, but as long as we can cool the rest of the house and do things like, well, cook, then I am happy:)

Here's today's card.

simple. This is actually the same set I used on the last card I shared. This time it's a very CAS one layer card.

Thanks for stopping by again today! The bigs are at karate and golf with Daddy again today, so it's just me and Miss Emma tonight. I'm off to spend some time with my not-so-little girl :)