Tuesday, October 26

too soon!

Ok I suddenly realized just how soon everything is!! lol :) Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas...seriously, all of them are just around the corner. Aahh! But really that's a happy "aahh" :) I love all the wonderful things that we have around the end of the year. Lots and lots of fun. We actually put up our tree and decorations around the beginning of November(!), and I LOVE that. LOVE having Christmas decorations up. And as an added bonus, we are rearraning our living room this year before we put up the decorations. I suppose that might not be something fun for everyone, but I always loved rearranging furniture and changing things up. Kind of feels like you moved to a new house lol. (Tomio and I both seem to like changing around where we live, since we are now living in our 4th house since we've been married....) Anyway, I'm excited.

Sorry I don't have a card today, I was actually looking through my layouts seeing which ones I have shared, and I couldn't remember about lots of them. How sad is that?! Trying to come up with a system that helps me remember which ones I've shared and not. (any ideas? :)) But when I was looking through my files, I saw these super cute pictures of Levi from his 4th birthday, so I thought I should share those :)

Seriously, could he be any cuter?! (yes, I'm a big Friends fan. have all the dvds heehee)
 This is Tomio's garage, byt the way. You can cool "Mini car", but his motorcycle is behind it. I don't know if you can tell, but in the back on the right you can kind of see the coke fridge I may mentioned a few times :)

Alright, off for a day of  school...well, teaching, not attending. Thankfully :) Hope you are having a super fun week so far! Thanks for stopping in!

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