Friday, October 8

a nice day :)

I wasn't really feeling up to taking all 4 of the kids to the park today....But when Tomio called from work just to let me know how perfect of a day it was, I thought we should go anyway. And it really was a nice day :) The kids had LOTS of fun. We even took a picnic lunch.... I mean, look what I got to see at the park today:

And this:

                                               And even some of this:
So it really was a nice day :) SO glad we got out to enjoy it!

No card to share yet today. I have several Christmas presents that I make each year, and I have started on those. My sister does not enjoy scrapping, well at all :I), but she has 6 kids. So I make some pages for each of their albums each year.  I also like to give cards as gifts too, and I have started those as well.

ok, I have some little ones who need to go to bed :) Thanks for stopping by! I hope you had "nice day" too :)

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