Monday, October 18

A new week.

Sometimes I'm amazed at the difference in the amount of stuff I can get done on somedays compared to others. I mean, they do all have the same number of hours...But for some reason, some days I'll get SO much accomplished and still have time to sit and relax, while other days I'll barely get the basics done just before I get to bed....Why is that?!!? I'm not sure at the moment, but I'm trying to figure it out so I can have more of the days where I get everything done...:) Oh, but I DO know that whether I actually do get everything done or not, it is very important to get in some crafty time. Otherwise, I can be sure the next day I won't be quite as...chipper :) (you know what they say about a happy Mama....)

Lots of different stamp sets on today's card. I started by stamping the base with Polkadot basics 2. Then I stamped some flourishes it in Fresh snow ink. I also used the same flourish on the label and some more background stamps. I don't think you can tell in this view, but I stamped a big Damask on the chocolate circle. The butterflies are from Butterfly dreams (of course :))  I stitched around the edges with my machine before I adhered it to the card base. There was so much going on already that I didn't add a sentiment on this one.

Thanks for stopping by! Is your week starting of well? Mine't not bad :), and I hope to just make it better and better :)

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