Sunday, October 17

just stuff....

I didn't get to create anything today. Tomio is swamped again with work and has claimed my scrapping desk for his work. (Admittedly, his "hobby" place at our house is his garage, and there really isn't any place for him to work there :))... I did spend almost the whole day upstairs with the kids (have you tried to get some work done at home with 4 wild kids running around? apparently its not *quite* the ideal situation) I worked on costumes some more. Both Rhys and Leah were very pleased with their boots I made them. Just a few more finishing touches left.
Two days in a row, strange men have come to our house asking if they could look around. Ok, that sounded alot creepier than it really was :) Our new house DOES look...different :)Especially when the garage door is open and you can see all the cool stuff Tomio has in there including, our coke fridge. Anyway, the first guy thought he had seen our house on TV. I said no, but it was in a magazine once when they did an article on Tomio :) And then the guy today said he was building his own house right now and wanted to use ours for insipiration. What can you do, right? I  know Tomio was pretty pleased that other guys "got" how cool our house is :)heehee:)

Ok, so no card today. But I have some pictures of my "peeps". That's what I call them. Whenever I want all of them to come, I say "hey PEEPS" and they come running :) Emma has picked up on it too. When I finish making lunch and start to call them all down, she will go to the bottom of the stairs and say "PEETS! PEETS" :) I love it :)
Just some pictures of my peeps all enjoying the nice weather we have had these past few weeks. Rhys is actully rolling down our driveway....for whatever reason :)
Thanks for stopping by! I hope you got some crafty time this weekend :) I intend to make up for my lack of crafty time tomorrow. heehee :)

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