Friday, October 29

a card and a cut.

First for the card :) I made this awhile ago and didn't get a chance to share it. I made it when I was trying to figure out ways to use my Green Thumb stamp set that I like, but seem to have trouble actually using.
It's a pretty CAS card, but I like how it turned out. I don't use alot of black well, anything really, but I think it helped to make everything else pop :) The verse is from Verve. I added a pearl to the center of each flower.

Now for the cut. I'm sure you probably noticed from the pictures I post of my cuties that Rhys and Levi have rather different haircuts.Rhys's is quite short, with a soft mohawk in the middle. This is done by Tomio. Once upon a time it was done by me, but after a few comments I received, it will forever be done by Tomio....Levi's hair is quite a bit longer. We tried doing it shorter (we meaning me trying AND Tomio trying), but he has a huge cowlick in the back which sticks up when it is short and will only lay flat if it has alot of extra length. So after that, it has basically just been left to grow out since it was buzzed last fall. Here is what it looked like: 

We decided to take him to Tomio's "hair place" and have them cut it and go from there. But to be honest, (and this from a person who always said they didn't like longer hair on boys), I like it longer on him. I do. And Tomio knew that when he took him in. So this is what he came back looking like:
Sorry, I know thes aren't the best pictures. It was late at night, but I wanted to go ahead and get some pictures. That and Levi informed me I hadn't gotten the "after" picture to go with the "befores" :) I'll try to get more pictures of the back too if I can. Tomio said that after much discussion, he would either end up with quite short, a bowl cut(!) or what he ended up getting. So there you have it. :)

Thanks for stopping by!! Tomio has a long weekend, so hopefully we'll be doing some fun things :)

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