Monday, October 11


Since we homeschool, and Tomio works long hours at work, whenever he has a day off from work I give the kids a day off from school. I love that I can work it into their schedules that way :) But I think it has caused a bit of confusion for Levi. He knows that we don't have school on "church days" or the days Daddy is home, but he hasn't totally worked out the difference in "weekends" and "week days". The fact that Daddy staying home makes it a "holiday"  apparently means Daddy has the power to make any day a holiday :) I realized this when, on Saturday, Levi asked "Did Daddy make it a holiday today?" :) Rhys just said "It's SATURDAY..." But Levi just replied "I know...but did Daddy make it a holiday?! He can make anyday a holiday!".... I explained to him a little more about weekdays, but I don't mind his lofty ideas of his daddy right now :)

 I think I need to stop myself from using these butterflies for awhile :) But I just can't~hehe :) A pretty simple card, I did some background stamping. And I thought it was time for a big bow :)
I wasn't sure if I would like this Summer sunrise color, but I like it goes with the kraft. Of course, I like how just about everything goes with kraft... :)

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope your week is starting off nicely :) Tomio actually made it holiday today(heehee), so we all went out for doughnuts. That started off our week quite well :)

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  1. Simply gorgeous, Laura. What a beautiful color combo.