Wednesday, December 1

not yet...

I know I said last week and maybe even the week before, that I was out and about way too much. Goodness, I was hoping that things would calm down and be back to normal already, but it sure doesn't seem like it yet. We left really early this morning to head out for a ladies' card class we were having. It didn't start till 10, but we had to allow plenty of time to get stuck in traffic and still get things set out. All went well, the ladies loved it, and my kids had almost too much fun hanging out with Papa and their cousins again. Miss Emma seemed to miss Mama a little bit more since she has cold, but she's definitely getting even more fond of her Papa :) Anyway, at least tomorrow we should be able to stay home and be calm...and hopefully it will last through the next few weeks.
I have a couple more tags I made that I haven't added to their respective presents yet :)
Nothing super fancy again. I really tend to use my scraps for my tags. I kind of think of it as a challenge to see what I can do with them. So that is what I used here, combined with some stamps and some dies. I usually like to add string or twine to my tags when they have this traditional "tag" shape, even if I don't actually use the string to attach it.

Ok, I'm really going to try to have a relaxing evening of stamping or crafty-blog surfing :) Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you're have a restful week :)

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