Thursday, December 9

Well, the big kids are off to writer's workshop for homeschooled kids today. So it's just Levi, Emma and me today. It's amazing how it feels like I have practically no kids to look after when just some of them are gone lol. I remember feeling like my hands were so full when I just had Leah as a baby....ha! little did I know. I've heard people say that raising kids is wasted on the young, but I think having one baby at home is wasted on first time moms lol. You don't get to relax and enjoy nearly so much since you are too nervous. Now that I know, I have 3 kids and my baby....just not quite the same :)  But I'll take 'em :) Don't know what I would do without 'em, really.

sorry no fun project again. I'm not the only one who doesn't seem to have as much time to stamp around the holidays am I?

But here's a picture of Levi and Miss Emma together :) They both love to watch Blue's Clues together.
So glad you stopped by! Hope you have a lovely day!

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