Tuesday, December 21

closer and closer....

 to Christmas! That's what my kids keep telling me :). We had another relaxing day today :) It started out super cloudy and rainy (so much so that I overslept a bit since it was so dark). But then it got really nice and warm.We all took a walk to the store and got some ice cream. I got some cross stitching done too. I've been scrapping and stamping so much that I forgot how much I enjoy it. I cross stitch something new each Christmas. I've made all our stockings too. I've made wall hangings and lots of pillows for the sofa. I thought it was enough pillows, but everyone seems to like those best, so that's what I'll keep making I think. Oh, and I made some last minute tags too. I actually have a couple more presents that I ordered that should be arriving today, so I needed some tags for those. The kids joined in today because they wanted to make the tags for their cousins' presents. I like that they enjoy making things with me. Miss Emma tries... as long as she doesn't get ink everywhere, I think she does well :)

This is another quickie tag I made, using, yes, Holiday Tree again. At least I know I got my money's worth, right? :) But aren't the snowflakes so cute?!
Thanks for stopping by! Hope you are enjoying your Christmas so far!

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