Tuesday, December 7


Today was Rhys's first check up for his braces. We actually stopped at the pediatrician first and got some cold medicine for Emma and Rhys since their coughs seemed to be hanging on. I was reminded of how glad I am that they still get all their meds for free :) Then we went to the dentist. Everything seems to be in order, he adjusted the rubber bands or whatever the technical terms are lol. He also said that I was doing a great job of brushing Rhys' teeth with the braces~yay!! I was nervous about it since they said I needed to brush them well since it's easier to get cavities etc. But apparently I'm doing a good job. Sometimes it's just nice to be reassured, you know? Even if it seems like a little thing.

Ok. I have another tag for today. This one already has a name on it though :)
Simple and fun :) I just stamped the snowflakes in Walnut stain distress ink, and added the strip with the Merry Christmas. Stamp and trim the holly leaves and add some buttons for berries and you're done :) I really like this snowflake though. It is from Verve, I think.
Thanks for stopping by. Oh, did you notice I changed my profile picture? The other one was at least five years old, so I thought it might be better to have something more recent lol. This one is from last week, so that's pretty much me now. I can feel like I'm not deceiving anyone now heehee :) By the way, did you realize there are only 18 days till Christmas?! That's what Rhys was reminding me of today :)

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