Sunday, December 12

and another one...

Emma says a lot for only being 18 months. She has whole bunches of words she says and she even puts words together into phrases. Anyway, today she managed to get Rhys's "snack bag" he had left from their party the other day and took out one his chocolates. Emma knew it was Rhys's and was looking at him sneakily. Then Rhys got up from drawing to take it back. Emma just clutched it to her chest and said "MINE!" then she pointed to the table and said "Rhys, draw!" I suppose it was a little naughty of her, but it way way too cute :)

Four kids means we need alot of tags :) That and the fact that Tomio having tons of work to do  at home means I don't get to use my stamping desk, means we have another tag today :) Just a tiny little easy one. Snowmen are a favorite among the kids so I like to make several of those. Stamped some snowflakes in versamark and added som ricrac trim. Stamped the snowman on a circle and colored in only his nose and buttons, because I really didn't want it to have much more color. Oh and I rounded the corners and added some twine. I guess it didn't even need explaining heehee:) The snowman is from the Holiday Fillers again. I love the snowflakes in that set and I haven't even used them yet!
Thanks for popping in! We did our grocery shopping on Saturday instead of Sunday this week, so now I'm all mixed up as to which day it is....but I'm pretty sure the weekend is almost over.

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