Monday, December 13

i know...

I know I probably post way too much about Miss Emma...but I just have to share :) Since she's at that stage where she's learning lots of new words, she's also at the stage where she will pick up any word you happen to say that she does know...You know, where if you happen to mention the word "go", then she will think you are going right now or if you happen to mention the word cookie, then she thinks you actually have some cookies. And that's when you start (I'm sure you know what I am talking about!) spelling everything. I'll say "ok, everybody, today's a b-a-t-h day"and "Leah, go get the b-o-t-t-l-e bag"...Not that big of a deal and it has helped Levi learn how to spell a few things. Then today Emma sat drinking her bottle on the sofa and Rhys asked "what do you have Emma?" And she, of course, replies "b-o-t-t-e!"" Seriously. I guess she picked up on more than we thought :) whatcha gonna do?! lol.

Ok. Today I have a Christmas card. I really like how it turned out. So much so that it is one of the candidates for  Tomio's Christmas card this year.

Isn't it cute? :) I used lots of stamps from this  Papertrey set, all stamped in distress ink. Really like all the stamps in that set. The grid background is from Unity :) LOVE it. After stamping, I just stitched the circle to my dark chocolate base and I was done. Not lots of layers or embellishments, nice and simple. Good for a guy, maybe?
Thanks for stopping by! It's cold cold cold today, so I need to go snuggle up under some blankets :)

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