Monday, January 11

party time

I really wish I had more time to craft on the weekends. But really I almost never do. As all mothers know, the weekend may mean time off for Daddy, but it doesn't mean time off for Mommy :) So as usual I didn't get to make anything new on the weekend. We were extra busy with a certain little miss's 9th birthday party, though :) Leah is SO into golf right now that she insisted on having a "golf party". It didn't make for nearly as exciting of a cake as normal where Daddy draws a picture of whatever character they want on the cake, but it did make for fun games :)

Lots of fun of course :) All the cousins came to join in the fun. And the party was at Nana and Papa's as usual :)

Rhys was very excited to get his ball in the hole!
These are pictures from the actual party, but Leah really got 3 days of celebration this year. They always get 2 days because Tomio takes off from work on their actual birthday and we have a cake on that day too. But this year, Leah's birthday was on Saturday and Tomio was already off. So he took off Friday instead. And he took all the bigs kids to see a movie. Then Leah got to celebrate at home on Saturday too and have a party on Sunday. It was a full, busy weekend. I can't believe Leah is already 9!!!! wow.... since I had her when  I was 20-almost 21,  I'm sure you can figure out how old I'm going to be this
ANYWAY :) that is what went on at house this weekend. So nothing crafty to share..sigh. But hopefully I will have something this week.
Thanks for stopping by! I hope you had a great weekend!

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