Wednesday, July 1

sweet smiles...

It's started. The sweet little smiles that only babies can give you. Miss Emma had given us a few smiles up until now. But they were the kind that, cute as they were, you couldn't really be sure if she was smiling at you or just had gas :) Over the last couple of days, though, she has really started smiling. It is so adorable, I keep trying to make her smile all the time. Once I was sure she was really smiling at me, I was determined to catch one on camera --which is easier in theory than in practice. Because while Emma will smile for ME, it is almost impossible to get her to smile when there is a big, black camera looking at her.... BUT, I did it! Today I actually got a picture of her smiling! I'm so proud of myself :) So here they are--the cute pictures of Miss Emma :)

You can tell she's smiling, right?! Ok, maybe it wasn't a full on big grin, but still, she was smiling :)

I thought I would share some cards I made today instead of of a layout. These are some cards I made recently with, yes, cupcakes on them :)

Just a simple card I made the other day. The cupcake image is from WhipperSnapper. Isn't it cute?
This one I made a few months ago before Miss Emma was born. I LOVE this cupcake image from Pink Cat Studios. Possibly my favorite cupcake stamp I have....possibly :) Both simple cards, but I liked how they turned out. Lately I have been liking my simpler layouts and cards better. Unfortunately, those usually end up taking longer to get to look right.... not a big deal since I like spending hours making them anyway, right? :)

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  1. Great photos and really cute cards! Can I order a pack of cards!?