Monday, June 29

Getting used to things....

It's funny how when you get used to things, you kind of forget how things were ever any different.We've been living in our new house for almost 2 months now and it just seems normal, like we have been here for years... And while I had no idea how I was going to handle 4 kids :), Emma is such a part of our lives now it is hard to imagine what things were like without her!

It's a rainy day, which means no workers outside. They made a lot of progress yesterday though. They did over half of the concrete and got the fence up too. It looks great--and my mom will be thrilled that there are no longer any "dangerous stabbies" sticking out of the wall in front of our door for her to impale herself on :)
I was going to try to scan some layouts today, when I realized that 12x12 layouts don't fit on the scanner.... I think I read somewhere about stitching layouts together, but since I have no idea how to do that yet :), I'll post some older layouts again.

Sorry about the terrible pictures, but you can still get the idea :) Every year we would go to Outback as a family outing when Tomio had some time off, so I liked to make a page about it each year and see how much the kids have changed. But last time we went, it was GONE! Everyone was so bummed....The Red Lobsters are all gone too, now where will we go?!?!

This is one of Levi when he was first starting to walk by himself. Wow, he looks so little there

And here are some pictures of Miss Emma when she was about 3 wks old. Isn't she so cute? lol :)

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  1. I am, indeed, thrilled that the "dangerous stabbies" in the front are gone! Now, if we can just take care of the rest of them..... :)