Sunday, July 12


I'm not too great at organizing things, which Tomio will be very quick to attest to :) But when we moved into our new house, I wanted to be sure to start out with everything all organized. So I threw away sll I could when I packed up the boxes and I tried to organize as I packed. I was definitely out of my comfort zone, but it felt really good to get rid of lots of stuff I didn't need. And once we moved in, we got rid of maybe 20 more garbage bags of "stuff" :) AND, I am proud to say, that SO FAR, I have done a pretty good job of keeping things organized since we moved in. Even though I don't organize things naturally, I do enjoy having things organized. I especially wanted to make sure my new WONDERFUL scrapping place was PERFECTLY organized :) So I have been working slowly the whole time arranging and rearranging all my scrapping stuff. I decided that it is an ongoing process though, since after I use it some I often find that I need to change things every now and then. That is what happened with my ribbon last week. I realized that I hadn't been using it lately because I had stored it in a way that made it too much of a pain for me to get out each time. So I determined to find a better way to organize my ribbon. Previously I had it stored in a plastic box still wrapped on spools. ( well, in theory, in actuality, it ended up all tangled together...) After a little experimenting, I decided that wrapping each color on an oldfashioned clothespin and fastening it with a straight pin was what I liked best. And I must say I am thrilled with how it turned out. All my ribbon is now sitting on my desk in cute basket looking very colorful and pretty. And I found I use it so much more now :) Yay!!

This is what it looks like:

I mean, who could resist this?! A whole basket full of yummy ribbon :)

After organizing my ribbon, I also got to play with my PapertreyInk stamps! I know I mentioned how much I love Quickutz :), well, PTI is my other love :) They have the BEST stamps ever!!! And I just started using their ribbon and cardstock.....ahhhh, SO nice! Here are a couple of cards I made with their stamps

This butterfly set is the first set I got from PTI. Isn't it so pretty? And the pink twill is from PTI too.
I LOVE this card! Isn't that coffee image adorable?! I used other images from the set to make the background. I had so much fun making these :) It makes me want make some more :)
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