Thursday, November 26


 A normal conversation at our house....

Levi-"Mama, what does fu-e-la mean?"

me: "ummm...what?"

Levi: "fu e la--like in the song!"

me: "I'm not sure...what song are you talking about?"

Levi: "You know, the one you sing...won't let satan fu-e-la, I'm gonna let it shiiiiine!"

The light bulb goes on in my head.

"oh, you mean won't let satan fuuuuu(I make a blowing sound) it out! You're not going to let satan blow out your light shining for God."

Levi: "Oh. Ok.~this little light of mine...." :)

I'm so thankful for little joys each day. I can honestly say it is never dull~ he he :) Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! We'll be celebrating on Saturday here.

Thanks for stopping by!

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