Saturday, November 7

fall party fun :)

 We ended up having our fall party later than we first planned, due to unexpected bouts of the swine flu :) But since it is just all the cousins getting together, the timing is pretty flexible. They had SO much fun! I was having trouble getting Leah's costume to work out with what we had, so Daddy came to the rescue and they went and got one :) Daddy also put the finishing touches on Levi and Rhys's costumes in the morning before he went to work :)

Here is Goku :) Daddy drew on the circle for him. He was SO proud and kept telling everyone about it. Here is Levi with Rhys, er, I mean Goku with Vegeta :) Daddy drew the lines on Rhys's costume too. I LOVE how they really made the costume come together!


Leah was a nurse. She made her own hat since the costume didn't have one. I think she was supposed to help Levi and Rhys when they got hurt fighting lol.

Miss Emma was a butterfly :) I was sure she wouldn't fit ths outfit anymore, but I thought I should try it just in case. I was so happy it still did!

They are all already discussing what they want to be next year lol. At least it gives me time to think of how to make their costumes if they decide early :)

Thanks for stopping by! I should have some scrappy stuff to share tomorrow. Hope you have a great weekend.

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