Tuesday, December 1

seasonal fun :)

well I had a great weekend :) Thanksgiving was fun and yummy :) Levi didn't really remember any about Thanksgiving from last year, so he was extra excited about all the fun. And I am pretty sure his favorite thing of all was the pumpkin cheesecake lol. (But who could blame him? hehe!) Miss Emma even got to have some the mashed potatoes and sweet potato casserole. And I am pretty sure she thought they were completely awesome :)
AND........ we finally got our tree up!!!! yay!! It took extra long since this was the first time to put our decorations in the new house and we had to decide everything. But it was so worth it. I LOVE Christmas time! Nothing more fun than sitting on the couch snuggled up with a blanket, looking at the tree all lit up :)

Then on Monday (so I guess technically that's not the weekend anymore, but anyway...) we had our much-looked-forward-to-yearly shopping trip. Everyone year my mom and 2 sisters all go out for our Christmas shopping--sans little ones :) ( well as much as possilble, this year Miss Emma and her 2 month old cousin Olivia decided to join in on the shopping). The older 3 all got to spend the day with Papa, which was of course super exciting. Leah even made lunch for Papa and all the kids. She was SO proud of herself. Anyway, with so much of our shopping being done online now, we don't always end up buying all that much except for stocking stuffers. But we still go every year :) And we always have a coffee break at Starbucks. It's a day full of shopping and talking and laughing and eating. Tomio always sends me off with plenty of money and asks no questions about what I spent it on :) In a way, its not a big deal, but I look forward to it every year. I adore my cuties:) and I LOVE that I get to spend 24/7 with them. But for one day a year, I really enjoy my girls' day out. And I so appreciate that Tomio gets that :) 

All this seasonal fun left me pretty much no time for crafting though. I did make some Christmas tags, but none of them are on the computer yet, so maybe I'll share them tomorrow. I don't think I shared this card yet though:

It's a really simple card, but I love how it turned out. This is actually the card I made for Tomio for our anniversary this year :)
Thanks for stopping by!! Hope you're enjoying getting into the holiday spirit as much as I am!

Oh, and I was wondering, has everyone but me gotten the Creating Keepsakes December issue?! I subscribed this summer and was told I would start receiving them from the December issue. That's supposed to come in November, right? Is this typical? (just wondering :) )

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