Monday, November 9

never thought I would see the day...

I love Rhys :) He's my well-intending, often-misunderstood, sweet big boy :) But... he just doesn't like to clean up, and if he does, well, it will pretty much take all day lol. So, yesterday when I was putting together Leah's new dresser and he was supposed to be cleaning up his room, I was not at all surprised to hear ", it's not clean yet Mama". Then came the surprise. "what were you doing?" I said. "....I was Bible" Rhys replied. I can't tell you how surprised and proud I was. You see, up until a couple months ago, he wanted just about nothing to do with reading. It was just too frustrating for him and took too long. We did reading in school, but it was always slow and not very fun for all involved lol. But we kept at it, slowly seeing progress. And this was huge for him. So who knows if it will happen again, but for once I was actually happy with what he did instead of cleaning his room :) 

It's nice to see you're actually helping them learn :) It was a good day.

This is a recent layout I made of my boys : ) gotts love 'em :) (but I don't think I will ever understand them lol)


Some fun Fancy Pants stamps and some Prima papers. I like the way the distressed edges of the craft paper looks with the "live it up" stamp.

Thanks for stopping by!

supplies: cardstock: paper reflections, pattern paper: prima marketing, diecut letters: Quickutz diecut heart and wings: bosskutz, diecut labels: spellbinders, stamps: fancypant, buttons: autumn leaves

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