Wednesday, February 24

i'm grateful.

Well, this was not how I had been hoping to spend my time this week. I have several cards I wanted to work on with deadlines and 2 in-progress layouts on my desk. But instead of working on those, I 've picking up tissues, and wiping noses, and washing clothes and blankets. Levi and Miss Emma have been sick. And now Tomio is too. So, all those fun things will just have to wait. :) And since I've been feeling a little under the weather myself and tempted to get down about it, I thought I would make a "grateful list" instead *smile*.

So here are small random little things I am grateful for today:

+gorgeous weather--I LOVE spring weather and it's perfect spring weather here today :)

+I don't have to GO into work and get to stay home with my cuties when they don't feel well :)

+ I am having a nice cold coke from the "coke fridge" in the garage

+Miss Emma still slept well last night

+the big 3 kids are playing quietly together without arguing

+ a well stocked kitchen so I can make something sweet & yummy for everyone

Just a few things that remind me how blessed  I really am.

Anyway....this isn't a new layout, but I LOVE these pictures of Leah:

Just a simple layout with some of my favorite products--kraft cardstock, Fancy Pants pattern paper and felt & Quickutz letters :)

Thanks so much for stopping by!! I hope you have a wonderful, blessed day! I intend to :)

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