Monday, February 8

A birthday post

I mentioned in my last post that we celebrated my birthday. Yes, I turned 30. It's kind of weird....I think I never actually thought I would turn 30 lol. Though in all honesty, it feels no different than 29, or 28 or
Anyway, I didn't mention what Tomio got me for my birthday. Now, Tomio is always spoiling me with getting me way too many presents heehee :) This year, he got me a new oven. No jewellery or clothes or shoes like usual.  But I absolutely LOVE it. You see, he did mention jewellery, but after 15 years of birthdays together, and even though I wear 13 rings and 6 earrings at all times, I still have more than I need :) A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned to Tomio how much I loved baking sweets lately, just in passing. But he remembered and looked for the best oven for that. And, I love toast. But we don't have room for a toaster, plus I don't like mine toasted on both sides(yes, I know I'm strangely picky). Our old oven took a total of at least 20 minutes to make toast once you preheated etc. And my word, for some reason it was really loud! But the oven worked fine. Tomio knew about all that, and found an oven that not only is ideal for baking, but it makes the yummiest toast in a just a few minutes and you can't even hear it! He also got me 2 cookbooks that he spent over an hour choosing that are full of yummy looking sweets :) I really love the oven he got, but what makes it so special to me, is the reasons he got it and all the thought he put into it.
This picture has nothing to do with my birthday, but since I was reminded of how much I love my sweet hubby, I thought I would post one of my favorite pictures of him. (This is of whenLevi was only 1 :))

Thanks for stopping by! I plan to have something scrappy to share tomorrow! 

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