Monday, February 15

After Valentine's day

Did you have big Valentine's plans? How do you usually celebrate it? My dad's birthday is Valentine's Day, so we always had birthday celebrations on Valenetine's when I was growing up :) In Japan, only the girls give the boys something (chocolate) on Valentine's. I didn't realize that normally kids in American schools give Valentines to everyone in their class and was caught by surprise my first year at an Amercian school...(Then there is "White Day" on March 14th where the boys are supposed to give the girls something). Tomio's not a big chocolate fan, so I usually make him a cheesecake instead :) And of course I give him a card. This year I'm made him a New York cheesecake, luckily he shares with everyone heehee :) When Levi heard that it was for Daddy, he almost cried thinking he wouldn't get any lol. And I am very happy to say it turned heavenly....yay! So glad to have finally found the perfect New York cheesecake :)
After church we spent Valentine's Day at my parents' for my dad's birthday. It was a fun wild day- heehee(lots of grandkids means never a dull moment when everyone comes over...) The kids all made cards for Tomio and "Papa"(what they call my dad).

I made Chicken and Dumplings for dinner yesterday. I always loved it growing up and  I realized my kids never got it. Levi is not into trying new things, but we always insist that he at least TRY things. But I didn't have to do any coaxing with the chicken and dumplings. I thought they would like, but my word, they LOVED it! They all went on and on about it. I was SO happy. It makes cooking that much more fun when they all enjoy it :) Tomio loved it too :)

No more heart cards to share, so how about a butterfly one?
Kind of a different colo combination for me, but I like it :) I think I like just about anything with Aqua mist though *grin* I couldn't get it to show up in the picture well, but I stamped the yellow panel with Papertrey's Damask Designs.My versamark ink was running out though, so I had a hard time getting a good image. ( I got some more now though yay :))
Thanks for stopping by! I hope you are having a cheerful week! It has been so rainy and cloudy the past couple of days we barely get to see the sun. Maybe at least we'll get some snow for the kids :)

supplies: cardstock-papertrey ink;stamps-sentiment&stamps:pti, stripes-chf;scallop punch-martha stewar; butterfly-eksucces; ribbon-pti

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