Tuesday, July 24

Hello you.

I absolutely love this sentiment! I say it all the times to my kiddos, so it just makes me smile :)

And these are still probably my all time favorite butterflies. Although I have made a few cards with some new  butterflies I got that are super fun too, just haven't had the chance to photograph them yet.  I layered stamps for this card, starting with the lightest color and finishing with the dark brown.

Thanks for stopping by today!! I did manage to go through some more stuff in my closets and kitchen and came up with several  more bags to git rid of :) So thankful for Leah's help! She is such a cheerful helper and really makes the going-through-things-to-get-ready-for-a-move-to-a-whole-'nother-island-process so much better:) I hope you have an awesome day!!

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