Thursday, September 13

poor, neglected...

 blog :( I feel bad, because I actually really do enjoy posting on my blog. That's why I started in the  first place. But with our up coming move, I really just haven't had the time or even the "umph" I needed to get posting. So, for those sweet followers of mine, I am sorry. I hope to post more, but in all honesty, it will most likely be a little slower for the next month or so.

I do have great news for me though :) I got my Japanese driver's license today!! It was a big ordeal and I had to work hard, but it paid off :) Now I can drive the super cute Nissan Cube that Tomio got me for our anniversary. Once we move to Kyushu, I will pretty much *have* to be able to drive, so that is why I did it. So happy about it :)

Not a new card, but another pub from Paper Crafts. It was in the same magazine as the last one I shared.

I really liked this one too, so I was just thrilled when they chose this one and the other one.

Thanks for stopping by today!! I hope you have a SUPER day!!

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