Saturday, September 11

LOTS of pictures...

I finally got some of our pictures from our *FUN* anniversary trip to Izu off the camera ( I know, I'm really bad about that. seems to take me forever...) so I thought I would share some :)
They had an amusement park  on the way that we stopped in. It was HOT, but fun :) Because it was so hot, they actually had this huge hill of manmade snow for everyone to play in :)
The most popular thing to do was to either throw it at each other or put it down their backs...
It really did cool us off though, which I thought would be impossible. After that, Tomio rode rollcoasters with the big two, while I took Emma and Levi on some kiddy- rides.
I wasn't really able to get pictures of the biggies on their rides. They loved it though. Leah LOVES roller coasters, and Rhys was happy that he was big enough to ride more this now.
Here is the view of the sunrise from our hotel window:
It was so beautiful. We stayed in a different hotel this time. It was nice, we had an oceanview room. And there was a pool there too. Emma was a little scared of the ocean, but she loved playing in the pool.
This last one is of Miss Emma on the mountain on our way back home.
I realize there are no ocean or pool pictures. Well, that is because I took those on our small camera since I didn't take my nice one near the water. But, I haven't put those on the computer yet... so maybe next time :)
We all had a great time :) Everyone was a good kind of tired when we got home :)

Thanks for stopping by!!! Hope you have a fun weekend.

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