Wednesday, September 15


One of the first few words Emma learned was "book". Well, actually she says "gook", which is some much cuter anyway :) So now, she will come over to my shelf where I have all my albums, point and say "gook! gook!" Then she will sit and look at all the pages, saying all the names of people she knows. Or saying "bath" if they are taking a bath :) hee :) I love it that she like to look at them. Its so cute. of course, with two older brothers, 3 of the other things she says are toot, butt and batman...but what can you do right?

Just another simple quickie card today. More playing. I wanted to use my new heart stamps with matching punches. I stitched over the line of hearts once with my machine. In hindsight, I think maybe stitching back and forth a few times would have been better...:)

Anyway, thanks a BUNCH for popping in :) After this awful heat this summer, we finally made it to the park twice this week since it cooled off some. So nice for the boys to get out some of their extra engergy :) Now we are all tired so hopefully everyone will go to bed early :) maybe...

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