Sunday, January 30

I feel like I've been neglecting my blog lately :( But the truth is, I haven't been able to do much crafting at all lately...I haven't been good at "making time" like I should be. I really hope to get things all worked out this week though. My birthday is this Saturday :) and definitely want to spend some time crafting during my birthday week :)
We went to visit Tomio's dad over the weekend for his birthday. It's a little far, but the kids are used to the trip. Miss Emma doesn't seem to like staying in the car for that long though, because last time and this time she decided to throw up all over herself....and me. I had a change of clothes for her, but not me. It turned out ok though. We pass by this really cool used clothes store on the way, so we stopped there. We could have just gotten a really cheap shirt for me to wear, but Tomio said we might as well get something nice. So he got me this great Aber Crombie and Fitch hoodie :) Heehee--guess getting puked on isn't so bad after all :)
Besides, how can you be upset with someone this cute anyway?!

Thanks for popping by! I hope you are ready for a new week to start! I'm trying to be :)

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