Saturday, January 15

my room :)

Well, I guess it is taking me a little longer to get back into my regular schedule of doing things than I thought. In some ways  I feel like I am back and things are running smoothly, but in others, I just don't seem to have them under control. But I am working on it. You'd think being a SAHM I wouldn't have such a hard time. I'm thinking I might need to work out my schedules for me and the kids a little more....I also think the key for ME, is not to get caught in a spiral of letting things not go well. I need to just start doing SOMETHING and it helps turn things around. Anyway, I didn't make any cards yesterday, but I did work on my scrapping/stamping room :) I feel so blessed to have a my scrapping room even though space is so precious here in Japanese houses. Tomio knew how important it was for me though and I'm so glad :) It's always a work in progress though, because I keep trying new ways of arranging and storing things to make work well for me. I like how it is right now :)(I'm going to apologize right now for the not-so-great pictures. I couldn't get very good ones, but I still wanted to show what it looked like.)

I pretty much have it done is pink and red. I covered my two baskets for keeping my stamps in some pink fabric I had so that they would match :)

The desk and shelves are from Ikea. What I actually worked on yesterday was covering the desk with the plastic and the papers under it. I was so happy with how it turned out and seemed to pull all the other red and pink things together. I just used some pf my favorite Valentine's papers from K& Co and then some butterflies (of course).  I can add pictures or change them all later if I want :)
This is where I keep most of my papers. Not all, because they wouldn't fit :) But my most used ones go in here. I have some inks and most used dies in the top drawer. I LOVE my Big Shot. And it makes me even happier that is matches everything else heehee :)
And this is the shelf above my desk. It has more inks, and my non-Papertrey Ink buttons and ribbons.  I store all of my Papertrey Ink and  buttons and ribbons on the shelf you can just see in the bottom right corner of this  photo. I love, LOVE it. This room is right off of our living room, so I can just pop in and make a little something when I want. I also pass by it several times a day, reminding me how much I want to :)

Thanks for popping in today!! I hope you are enjoying your weekend!!

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