Monday, January 17


to work on. I think I let little things upset me too much. I guess it's a good thing that something as little as Tomio bringing home eclairs for me can make me SO happy :) But I don't think it's all  that great that something like my computer not re
ading my SD card can make me want to cry... I don't assume I'm normal  or anything. I'm guessing the majority of women like me aren't so wishy-washy. As you may have figured out, my laptop was having trouble reading my SD picture card. But I did get it to work, and all is well with the world again :) Actually, it's not all well. Tomio has THE FLU. Ok, I'll warn you that I'm about to go off on a tangent now, feel free to scroll down to see the card if you prefer :) Anyway, Tomio has the flu, so he's holed up in our bedroom. I've tried disinfect everything and keep his germs away from the kids. Now, is just me, or do we seem to make a much bigger deal about catching things than when we were little? I remember getting sick when I was a kid and while no one tried to catch it or anything, it didn't send anyone else in to a panic that they were going to get it to. But nowadays, it seems as though everything is such a big deal....I don't know, just something I was noticing....As a general rule, I don't really believe in worrying about, well, anything. No use borrowing, trouble, right? Ok, tangent over :) Since Tomio is sick now, though, and that essentially means I have 5 kids to take care of :), I might not get to post as much as I like for the next week or case you started to wonder where I was....

Ok, now on to the card :) I played with some of my new stamps. It was so fun! I love just playing with my stamping stuff. These pretty, pretty flowers are from Waltzing Mouse Stamps. They were just what I was wanting, some pretty flowers that would be fun to color and use as outlines. I used Fine Linen cs for the base and stamped the outlines in Old Paper distress ink. I colored the leaf and flower with my copics. The tag and sentiment are from Verve. I thought they went really well with the look of flowers :) I'm kinds of obsessed with tags and labels with matching dies lately, and I really like ones from Verve. Really simple to use and just so pretty :) Well, that's it for today.So glad you stopped by. Hope you are having a fun week :)

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