Tuesday, January 4

good intentions....

So Miss Emma is addicted to Blue's Clues. She's only 18 months of course, so her obsession only goes so far, but still...it goes against my good intentions. See,  I read this article in a magazine back when I was pregnant with Miss Emma. Back when I could barely think of moving because of morning sickness and I was staying with my mom, who happens to have ALOT of magazines...Anyway, it was talking about how good it was to limit the time your kids watch TV. Of course at the time, I was ever-so-grateful to have the tv to entertain my kids while I was wallowing, but I remember thinking yeah, I would like to do that when I'm feeling better... It ended up taking awhile, quite awhile, but after things settled down in our new house, school routine and with Miss Emma joining us, I worked out a system of only being able to watch as many shows as marbles you had. It worked really well, and after keeping it up for a bit,  they all got where they usually didn't even use up their marbles. Which was really big for Levi. So I was pretty proud of myself. But then Emma started going through this clingy phase.  And by clingy phase, I mean clingy phase for a baby that was already very....mama-dependent :) That's when I discovered how much she enjoys Blue's Clues and how long it will keep her entertained.  I've decided to let her watch though, despited my good intentions. I need some time where I can get a few things done. I think I was being a little defensive about it(not that anyone actually commented, just inside my head heehee). But I decided I was glad that I found a way to get a little time where I could get a few things done. And at least it's a little educational,right?! Anyway, I decided to add "being real" to the things I wanted to do this year. I can only handle so much, and I need the Lord for the rest, you know?

Well, I pretty much always think every blog post needs a picture. But I can't today. You see, I'm posting from my new laptop!! heehee :) I just got this afternoon and there are no pictures on it yet. But I couldn't resist. It was part of my Christmas present from Tomio :) I love it!
Thanks so much for stopping by today! I hope you are having a wonderful new year. We have just a couple days left before Tomio has to go back to work.

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