Wednesday, January 19

still here...

Well here we all are, still at home. Tomio is still home with the flu. He is doing tons better now, but still not supposed to go to work. Nana and I hauled all the kids to the doctor yesterday to see how they were doing. The boys are fine, but poor Leah has the flu too. I could tell she just wasn't her normal self. So glad to get her some medicine right away . Now she gets to stay in the "sick room" with Daddy and read books all day. Miss Emma doesn't have the flu, but she does have a persistent cough like before, so she has some medicine too. Fortunately she likes it and actually asks for more when I give it to her :) It also makes her sleepy, which isn't necessarily a bad thing :)

I have another card I made when I was just playing with my stamps the other day.  I really like all the dies that are available to match stamps lately. I loved diecutting before I got obsessed with stamping, so combining the  two is perfect for me :) I just got the spiral notebook die and the mug die. I *love* this Warm Happiness and Warm Happiness Too stamp sets. And now that they have the matching dies, I like using them even more :)  Almost makes me want to take up drinking coffee...But then I figure, I already get plenty of caffeine from my coke, I don't need to make an effort to add another addiction....heehee.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you are having a healthy week :)

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