Saturday, May 29

sorry, stitches and a layout

I'm soo sorry! I know it has been a really slow couple of weeks here on my blog. Thanks so much for checking in anyway :) I promise it will get back to normal around here now. I actually miss blogging when I don't get to. I mentioned having a bad day on Wednesday. Well, Levi ended up needing his first stitches. He was being a little too wild in the bath and fell and hit his head. He  ended up needing to get 3 stitches :(  I felt so bad. He was so good though. I think the doctors were really impressed with how a four year old did. He didn't whine or cry at all. He goes back in on Tuesday to get the stitches out. It's above his  left eyebrow, so I told him he can match Mama now, with my hockey where I needed stitches above my left eyebrow lol.
Things are back to normal now, with Levi his usual wild self. I'm more afraid of him getting hurt now, but he doesn't seem to be at all...

So here is of the layouts I did recently.

I did it about how Tomio and I have changed in the ten years we have been married. Actually,  in that picture of us infront of the castle, I am only 15 heehee!! The now pictures are of our trip to Disneyland for our 10th anniversary last year.

This one is of our honeymoon at Disney World :) I did some machine stitching down the side. I really like how it finishes the edge.

All the pattern paper and felt accents are from Fancy Pants. I actually do try to use paper from other manufacturers first, but I always seem to end up using Fancy Pants lol.

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you have a GREAT weekend!!!

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